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    The almighty wants us to work hard in our life

    Many people regularly pray God for blessings and wellbeing. In fact it is quite customary in various societies across the world to do so to seek protection, patronage, and blessings from the almighty. Psychologists believe that this helps in getting inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from a hidden divine source for attaining discipline, focus, and concentration in one's life. This is a well established ideology and people worship that hidden power in different ways depending on their culture and customs.
    If we consider the practical side of above theory then it is also logical to say that God does not grant all of that to us just like that but directs us to work hard in our lives for achieving our objectives. Unfortunately, many people miss and ignore this message coming directly from the God and when they do not get the desired results in their lives they start blaming their fate or luck or destiny.
    What is your experience in this regard and what are your views on these aspects in our lives? Please share.
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    Meditating on God's view helps us to develop a positive attitude toward work. For example, if you are the head of a family, consider that your work, no matter how small, may enable you to provide materially for your family. Officers often value their diligent and skilled employees. So hard work and honesty bring rewards. Only when we consider worldly work with our spiritual judgment can we understand that this work is similar to the work of God. His position in this worldly society. Swami Vivekananda said that playing football is better than a young man's pursuit of God. He likened the service of man to the service of God. So to act means to practice religion. So the main mantra of God's pursuit is to always do one's duty.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    What I could understand from my life experience so far that God only shows the ways and means and the rest should be explored by us and nurtured by us for the success. In a life the God would give a person three great chances to grab the best opportunities in life and it was not recognized then it is waste to talk about the life. When I already accepted the free seat for my daughter at Bhavans college for Molecular Biology stream after intermediate she was destined to get the MBBS seat though she qualified the NEET and even got respectable state rank which becomes the deciding factor for the govt seat. When I was about to submit the originals with the Bhavan's a call came from ESI medical college that my daughter was shortlisted for MBBS seat subject to certain formalities. So here God has helped her and my family to grab the seat.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    God can help you but you have to perform your duty perfectly. You have to do what you have to do. If you keep an open lamp in the open air and pray to God to see that it will continue to light, He may not fulfil your desire. You have to do what you have to do. Keep it in a closed frame or some other type of protection you have to provide, then it will continue to light.
    We should work hard from our side. There is no alternative to hard work. A student should work hard and study the subject properly, understand and then face the examinations and pass the examination. But without opening the books, without studying the subject, how a student can expect the best results. Only those people who take difficulties and work hard to fulfil their goals only will shine in this world. Sheer luck or God's grace may alone not bring success to you always. Work hard, do your duty perfectly and then pray to God, he will fulfil your desire. . Without doing what you have to do and praying to God is of no use. But never forget no help will come from God unless otherwise you are sincere and

    always confident

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    God would only generate a spark in our mind to start and rest we have to do.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A nice thread posted by the author. Spending time in devotion or faith in God is a regular practice if it is done in the form of meditation and abayas then it is worthwhile but when people do it only for the fulfillment of their desires it seems fruitless. Spending some time with that power that has created this entire universe, is sure to connect oneself with it, but the enthusiasm towards life increases, but without hard work, it is futile to expect any magic in life. God has always taught us through various religious texts and other mediums that in human birth, we make ourselves the strongest, giving importance to deeds, keeping hard work paramount, these are the right ways to live a successful life. We must dedicate some time to God, to thank him that it has giving us this life so that we can make our life successful through nature.

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