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    The victory of the discovery of science must be sung?

    The discovery of science has brought happiness, peace, prosperity, and comfort to our daily life. Human civilization has evolved from the primitive age to the present age. At its core is science. Science continues to try to overcome all diseases and grief. Man has built this huge edifice of civilization with the impeccable harvest of dreams and pursuits of his age. At the heart of that civilization is the power of the arm, the intelligence of the brain, the feeling of the heart, and love. Science is the result of man's diligent pursuit. Science has given people speed, made the pace of civilization faster, and made the world smaller. Science has given man the irresistible triumph of inexhaustible energy. May science be long-lived and flourish. What do you think?
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    Surely science has been playing crucial role every since Mankind has formed and continued pursuit of excellence has made our life easy and daily researches are being carried out on many matters and issues and sometimes the findings would be mind boggling and very helpful for the human being. The way the vaccine was found in India and administered to scores of the population proves the success story and we are upbeat in the field and even exported to other countries. When other countries are still in the grip of Corona mania, we have strived pass and stood success against all odds. Surely every citizen who has taken the vaccine are safe now and we are not even confronting with other diseases such are naturally going to happen. Science has been in the forefront of our life and we highly indebted to scientists for their varied projects
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Science made many miracles. it has brought happiness to us. At the same time, it has brought grief also. Rockets are discovered, produced and used. But the same rackets can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes. ISRO uses these rockets for launching satellites which are very useful and help the man in many ways. The same rockets can be used to carry warheads and blasts some area, So the product is the same. But how you use it is in your hands. Science brought many developments but there are many adverse effects of these developments. It is the human being who should use them for the benefit and at the same time should see that there are no adverse effects on nature.
    We all should sing the discovery of science. But we should use these developments in such a way that we are not spoiling nature and harming the same.

    always confident

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    Though with the application of science, we are able to discover so many useful equipment's and apps which has revolutionised the lives of the people. Take the case of corona pandemic. If we recall up its disastrous consequences seen in the year 2020 where there was considerable loss of human lives due to the pandemic but the scientists were able to handle this issue successfully with their sustained efforts.,They are relentlessly trying to save the human lives with so many dreaded diseases and we conclude that this technology will continue to provide us life support with the inventions of measures that could benefit the mankind as a whole. However, the other side of the coin is the invention for the destructive purposes such as rockets and missiles being used for the war purposes taking lives of so many innocent people.

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    During the last few centuries science has tremendously progressed and created so many things for our benefit that we can never forget the contribution of scientific research for the welfare of mankind. Scientific research and technological advancements have revolutionized the way we live in this world. There are so many good things with scientific development that we cannot describe them in a small narration. So far so good but at the same time we must also understand that technological advancements are having some side effects also. During the past so many years many industries have created pollutants which have degraded our environment badly and today the human race is facing a danger of environment degradation of high order. We have to devise ways to have the scientific progress in an environment friendly manner.
    Knowledge is power.

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