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    Is Lakshaman more powerful than Ravana in Ramayana that is why he can't able to cross LakshmanaRekha

    In the Ramayana story, Ravana Brahma picturized a more powerful character but if you deeply introspect the story of Ramayana as he took over Sita to Ramana Lanka in this episode Ravana comes with another character and through his cunningness, he succeeded but not through his power by crossing Lakshman Rekha. It creates another angle that Lakshmana is more powerful than Ravana. What is your say on it?
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    Never underestimate Lakshmana who is nothing but the Seshanag of Maha Vishnu ie he is always with the Lord where ever he goes and after Rama avatar, Lakshmana becomes Balarama in Mahabharata. So by virtue of his close bonding with Maha Vishnu he has the super power and the Lakshmana Rekha, the line of actual control was drawn by Lakshmana before leaving to search for Rama. But Lakshmana Rekha could not do anything to Sita when she was asked to cross the same by Ravana in disguise and later kidnaped her through his Pushpaka vimanam. Now Sita being more powerful, Lakshmana Rekha could not be compelled but for Ravana he felt the heat of the Lakshmana Rekha and hence hatched the plan. Certainly Lakshmana is more powerful in Ramayana and he would first fight any enemy and then only Rama.
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    Definitely, Lakshmana was more powerful than Ravana. But when Ravana used Sekthi Astra he has become unconscious and with Hanuma's timely bringing of the Sanjeevani, he survived. But with this single episode, we can't say that Lakshmana was weak. Even Hanuma might have taken away Sita from Lanka by fighting with Ravana, but he did not do it as Rama may not like that. When we follow dharma nobody can punish us. Only when we do wrongdoings only we will become weak and we may have to surrender to others. Ravana knows that if he crosses that Lakshmana Rekha, he may not be able to kidnap Sita. That is why he encouraged Sita to come out of that Rekha but never tried to go inside.
    Ravana is a great devotee of Lord Shiva and he has many weapons with him. But the only thing he did that is kidnapping Sita spoiled him and he has to die for that mistake.,

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    Lakshman Rekha is a symbol of divine power. Though the line had been physically drawn by Laxman but it had the full support and divine backing of lord Rama.
    In our scriptures there is mention of many Gods and their assistants and associates but all of them derive their power from the one supreme Godhead which is worshipped by many communities in different form and by different names.
    In the religious stories there are many manifestations of these things which are related to the supreme power and its effects on other people especially on evil people who get a feel of these strong radiations emanating from the divine bodies.
    Ravana being an evil personality could very well feel the strong halo around Sita and could not dare to cross it due to obvious reasons.
    So, we cannot compare the strength of Laxman and Rama from that point of view. All powers are derived from the same source and carries same effect on evil forces.

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    These are all derivations from our people to divert our mind from the religious or spiritual aspect. Whatever may be a big culprit why he hide himself from a police person when he saw. When a person having blemish in his mind automatically hide him or herself when he or she hear the sound of siren of police vehicle. Similar to that the Ravana could not aware that line was laid by Lakshmana but his main motto was to abduct Sita only.

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    The story of Lakshman Rekha is symbolic. It tells that the virtues are stronger than vices. This concept applies not only in the case of kidnapping a woman. Instead, it applies in all matters of wrongdoings.

    Lakshman Rekha is simply the norms set by society. Casting an evil eye on a woman is as much a violation of the social norms as disrespecting parents and elders.

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