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    Do Indian women belong to the kitchen?

    If self-development is a human right then I would say Indian women are deprived of that right. Indian women are actually family maids. Their range is only from the kitchen to the attic. Although many people do not believe it, it is very true. Even today, they have not been able to carry out a loud and active revolt to get out of the trap of the hopeless male system that has been going on since ancient times. We don't remember how Laxman's wife Urmila spent the day in the walls of the house when Lakhan went with his beloved brother Ram's for14-year banishment. No one cares about women. If you notice a little even today, you will see the image of the whole family on the wife working in the office if she does not cook. Because we want her to do the job as well as housework again. That's why we love to see women in the kitchen because women look beautiful in the kitchen. Do you support it?
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    In life the works get divided between the husband and wife, and if husband goes for the job and fetch the salary for the family then it is obvious that the wife looks after the house and children and manage the affairs with elan. In those days there used to be joint family and the sons who are working outside or in the field would bring the proceeds and gives to the Karta or the head of the joint family and he would distribute the work and responsibility and also allocate funds accordingly. In these days when there is a demand for both husband and wife to work the kitchen work gets hampered and much depend on the house maids. But nothing can match the cooking by wife and that should be the criteria for the women. Once in a week there can be rest for her and taken to hotel to taste different recipes and that should be big brake for her.
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    In the present generation most of the women working to their suitable strengths and earning for their families. In the present generation it is so important that women have to work for the benefit of the family. Nowadays so many women working in high and strategic positions in organizations, in offices and in schools. In some sectors they cannot be replaced with men. In educated families women are working without any hesitation. Definitely in this aspect women are very much progressing in India. Even in lower strata of uneducated people also are doing some labor work to earn for the family. But some women working both in kitchen and outside as they have no proper support from men. So it is false to propaganda that women of India are always belong to kitchen.

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    If the woman is also doing a job and earning money, we should understand that she is taking the responsibility of her husband also to some extent. As such expecting her to work alone in the kitchen before going to the office and see that all are comfortable in the house is never correct. When she is taking a part of your responsibility. you should also take some responsibility of her. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for a woman to manage the office and house.
    These days there is a change in the mindset of the people. Ladies are also trying to force their counterparts to share the household work also. Before going to the office the husband is also doing some work in the house and then going to the office. Otherwise, no cooking in the house and both of them will eat outside. Like this changes are coming in Indian families also and we should welcome those changes.

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    Initially, the natural setup was like that. The men had the greater physical strength to hunt and later earn money by working hard to provide for the family, and the women were supposed to give birth to the offspring, rear them and attend to the household work in general. But, things have changed since then. Nowadays, women are also working to earn money, and the men are also sharing the household work.

    I have seen that in developed countries like the US, both husband and wife share the household work and play an equal role in raising their kids.

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    Women are slowly coming out of the four walls of the house and are doing even those jobs which were earlier the monopoly of men only. The proportion of these women is slowly increasing with time and more and more women are getting jobs outside the household. In spite of all these progresses going on the fact is that male dominance is there in the society in a big way. A majority of women are still seen in the kitchen doing the routine job of cooking. Though most of the houses have maid servants for many menial jobs but the women still have to do many things in the kitchen and household as every member in the family expects them to do so. This situation is not going to change and even if it changes it will take a lot of time from this situation to reach a situation where everyone in the family contributes in the kitchen and household work. In some Western advanced countries this situation is already reached where the members of the family have to contribute in the household work.
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    Here many people forget that the cooking is a special for women in our India. Mother, sister, wife whatever may be the role the cooking is meant for them. Though men can cook practically speaking the quality certainly differs. There is no kitchen kings but only kitchen queens. I can cook but if the cooking of my mother, wife, sister or sister in law, the total vote of mine goes to them only. Till her death my wife never allowed me or my brother to enter into the kitchen. Since her cooking was very good we also not showing any interest to interfere her in cooking. Whatever work she had she never made us to starve or allow us to opt hotels. My mother till her seventieth year of age gave a good food to us, we never tasted hotels over her cooking.

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