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    Gossips leading to friendships

    Recently I read a book called " Sapiens- a brief history of mankind" by Yuval Noah Harari in which at one place and in a chapter there is a discussion about the gossip and role it plays in our lives. It is for the first time I have read something positive about Gossip that how gossips help make good friends and groups with attachment and it was quite shocking but the argument given in the book makes sense. Do you believe there can be a positive side to gossip if yes how?
    Can gossips really result in something positive?
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    Sometimes the gossip between two unknown people may turn out to be useful and the two may become good friends.
    Once I was travelling on a train. Some person and his wife were sitting in the opposite seat was new to me. That person was almost my same age. Just he smiled at me and I reciprocated. We started discussing various issues and in the course of discussions, we found that he was the friend of my brother who was working in SBI. During the discussion, we found that both of us were having similar ideas. So the discussion went on finally we became friends and we used to meet many times in my house or in his house as we both reside nearby only.
    Sometimes it will be proved that talking to an unknown person may also give you good hints and chances are there you both may become good friends also.

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    I agree with the views of the author, as it also reduces our hesitation of talking to new people and improves presentation skills. Sometimes It is normally seen that people who avoid gossiping among their group feel shy when there are in some new place and hence unable to communicate effectively. This frankness and gossiping sometimes lead to long-lasting friendships and relationships with people to whom we are unknown.

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    Generally, gossip means talking about other people's private lives. Thus, it is different than plain chit-chat. It is true that for gossiping, the other person need not be previously known. Two strangers may start gossiping about the private lives of Bollywood stars or other celebrities. But I don't think such gossiping may yield any positive result. Instead, talking about the personal lives of others is likely to end up portraying negative connotations about the chit-chatters.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    To some extent I do agree that the gossips lead to sustained friendship in future by virtue of both minds sharing the same wave length and obviously the likes would take a just meeting as stranger to a new friendship with great bonding. Especially this can happen with strangers when we are traveling for long distance and does not have any other work but to utilize the time for talking. But gossips on mutual friends would lead to trouble as there are every chance that the opposite person may pass on our grudge through gossips to others on whom the talk went and such kind of situation would be more embarrassing when the three would come face to face and there is no escape from total demeaning of character. Gossips are the time pass ways for some and that should not be a habit always and that would bring in the bad repute.
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    Gossip is an important part of every day, the author has rightly said this is definitely the first time something positive has come to the fore where gossip is seen from a different angle. It's really felt. The relationships we gossip with become closer to the people we gossip with and we feel more comfortable. Just like any other thing it also has two sides, one side when we talk good things on gossip and another side is of negative talks. We should try to avoid negative or critics things in our discussions and will move towards another part of gossip where we talk about achievements and ideas.

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    Gossiping is not that much bad if we are cautious in choosing the topics related to varied topics not connected with the privacy of others. We have experienced the nice companionship of the strangers while travelling in either train or busses where we remain indulged in different topics and in that situations, the talks would prolong to the extent that the relationship would finally culminate to permanent friendships sometimes. This happens due to the frankness maintained from both the sides. We would not like to have such talks always with our known relationships. Their talks might be on personal issues related to job activities or in emergency situations where talks would not prolong beyond a couple of minutes. While talking with our close friends, care must be taken not to criticise others in the talking session since this could ultimately cause embarrassments if the same is known to the concerned man for whom we were speaking badly in their absence.

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