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    How often do we need motivation in life?

    Motivation is something which we all need in life in order to survive any kind of hardships and for progressing but how often and is there any quantifiable amount for a person of motivation.
    In places it is written that like the bath is required to clean our body-mind needs motivation as well to keep functioning well, do you agree with this statement why and if not why? Do you try to motivate yourself and the people around you? If yes how and why? Although these are very simple and basic questions I guess it is interesting to know the responses to this thread and that is why I am raising it here.
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    The mind should be active always. To keep it active we all should have some work to do. If you sit without any work your mind will start in other directions which are not constructive and useful ways. So these thoughts may create negativity also in your mind and you may become inactive also. So keeping our minds with positive thoughts and keeping active is very important. You need not clean your body every minute. You can clean it once or twice a day and later you should see that cleanliness is maintained. But a watch on your mind 24 X 7 is very much required.
    Motivation is something that makes our minds perform certain works. Motivation is to create interest in us to perform the required action. When our mind is blank and in a dilemma of whether to do or not a job. some motivation from a third party or self-motivation is required. The motivation will help the mind to think in the correct direction and perform the desired acts.

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    What I feel that having educated and having the wisdom to understand and go about the life, one time motivation is enough to pick the lead and then proceed on that path. But there are people who are stubborn and wont change in their life and wants motivational push always. May be for that reason we could hear motivational speech on Fridays from the religious place which is nothing but making them understand their priorities in life and get going. For me the best motivational quote I coined was " even this challenging phase would ease" that is enough to sail through the sad period of life. Follow the mission of life, the commission or the rewards would certainly follow us if our task was full and complete. And those motivate others through their work is the great inspiration for others and they can simply follow them and ask for tips.
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    Motivation is very important thing in our lives and in fact from a practical point of view it is required at each and every moment of our lives. Experts believe that without motivation nothing works. There are very few people who are self motivated. It is believed that these people are blessed with good mood and happiness in their lives. Many of us require it from some external person or external agency. It is also said that lack of motivation brings depression and sadness in our lives. If we want to avoid that situation then we must be feeling motivated all the times in our lives.
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    Here the author talks about one of the most important factors of human life. Regarding motivation, my thinking is that we have to keep ourselves motivated, as we need a motivation to keep ourselves excited for every work. Sometimes situations come in such a way when a person starts breaking down completely and even at such a time he needs some inspiration, for this inspiration many times the person neglects the inspiration from himself and sometimes others. As long as a person has the quality of motivating himself, no one can beat him, but when a person gives up on the mind, then sometimes even the external motivation is not affected.

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