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    Should there be any maximum qualification limit also for applying to a job?

    Generally, all job vacancy advertisements mention a minimum qualification set for recruitment.
    However, candidates with much higher qualifications also apply for all such jobs. Often we come across new items mentioning that candidates with post-graduate or even doctoral degrees are also applying for the posts of assistants etc.

    In prestigious competitive examinations like UPSC Civil Services Exam, etc., participation by candidates with post-graduate and doctoral degrees in engineering, medical, and other professional fields, etc., may be acceptable. But much highly qualified candidates perhaps mar the chances of candidates only with set minimum qualifications in getting recruited.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    Candidates having higher qualifications applying for posts where their qualification is not required shows how serious is the unemployment problem. Many PG candidates in Science subjects are applying for bank clerk posts and getting selected. But because of these highly qualified people, people who are having just the minimum qualifications are losing a chance because they are not able to compete with the highly qualified people.
    But if we start banning persons having higher qualifications from the posts where only lower qualification is sufficient, many people may stop studying for higher degrees but may concentrate more on competitive examinations syllabus. Even now many people with just minimum qualifications are getting selected as they are doing well in the written test followed by interviews. Many highly qualified people also are not able to get selected for the competitive test. So as long as that competitive examination basis selection is there there is no necessity to ban it. But giving weightage to their qualifications is not required.

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    Due to the severe unemployment situation in our country highly qualified people are also applying for the ordinary and mediocre jobs. We cannot restrict them to apply for these jobs as they also are entitled for a livelihood. There are many low paid jobs where the minimum qualification is quitelu and even if some highly qualified people apply for that it doesn't mean that they will be selected for that was just because of their higher qualification. In fact all are equivalent as far as the selection process is considered for the candidates who are having a minimum qualification or a higher qualification than that. There is no question of putting a higher qualification ineligibility for a low job.
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    In this competitive world the job search has become the greatest challenge for many and those with higher and maximum qualification always has the edge to overtake and grab the interview. But getting the interview call is not the accomplishment of job and the way the interview progress commensurate with the qualification matters, and sometimes the companies feel qualifications are not essential and only the personality and minimum knowledge is enough. Because each company has their fresher batch training wing through which they can train any one either with minimum qualifications or the maximum qualifications. But at the interview when we interact with the fellow persons we feel down and lost when they say highly qualified and also feel like walking away from there. But never do that even the highly qualified persons do fail.
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