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    Do maintaining relations mean making adjustments and compromises only?

    People have many relatives. The grandparents, parents, siblings, etc., are our blood relatives. Then there are relatives through marriage, e.g., wife, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, etc. become relatives through marriages in the family. In addition, there are relations like friends, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, etc.

    People do maintain relations with all of them. Though the friends, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues can change due to various reasons, we cannot change the blood relatives. Similarly, the relatives through marriages are also generally not changed in the ordinary course.

    Do we have to make adjustments and compromises only to maintain relations?
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    It is the fact that relatives play important role either in bad or good times but many does not like the relatives and prefer the friends who are more trusted and have faith on us. A friend can be disturbed even at the midnight and seek help and I am sure the relatives are not such kind. The recent happening in my one of the close friend has baffled me. That a close relative has died at 2 am in the morning and the relatives are supposed to rush by flight as the cremation would be done the same day. But they choose selective information to relatives and that implied that not everyone need visit their and pay their respects. Being the most elder lady the connections with both sides are sure and therefore close relatives cannot be denied the access to last minute attendance of obituary reference. This is were some fault without their knowledge.
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    The word compromise is probably always associated with human life, just sometimes we make this agreement for our own happiness and sometimes for the happiness of others. Compromising for our own happiness seems a bit strange, but it is when we engage ourselves in such activities in which we are not interested but which are the basis of our happy life, then we compromise with ourselves. We have made relationships as our need, we believe that they are also necessary, but perhaps we have started giving more importance to them and dependence has also increased, so agreements will also increase. Relationships are necessary for life, but it is necessary for a person to make such a relationship with himself as well that he does not feel the lack of any other relationship because the truth is that the biggest relationship is with himself.

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    This support and strength for a relationship comes from mutual respect, co-operation, and healthy coexistence. There are many pre-requisites for a healthy relationship. For keeping a relationship alive for long time it is necessary that both the sides should adhere to some basic behaviour techniques based on good behaviour and manners. Any offence or aggressive behaviour from one side will not work for a long time and soon there will be a break in the relationship. It is interesting to note that there are some delicate relationships where the mutual bond thread is so weak that it can break with a small wrong gesture from any side. There are many people who bother to keep their relationships intact and they take all care in these matters and keep their relationships healthy and stay in it for a long time. At the same time there are some people who do not bother for the relationship and talk very shrewdly and in an authoritative way but they eventually lose their relationship with other people.
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    Only human beings have a unique personality. Everyone grew up with their own thoughts and opinions. This personality attracts each other. The relationship of love is created for the sake of individuality. And without this individuality, human beings do not exist. Everyone's individuality should be accepted as much as possible. Different types of this relationship in the society, mother-father, husband-wife, brother-sister, relatives, friends, etc. Every relationship has a beginning. People have to master relationships other than family relationships. But in many cases, you have to compromise because you may not always be right. In this case, give importance to the opinion of others and explain well with logic what is wrong or right for you. Otherwise, you will feel that you are just compromising.
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    The answer to the question raised by the author is straight "yes".
    Laksmana need not go to the forest with his brother. But he opted. Thst means he compromised to keep good relations with his brother Rama. Urmila, the wife of Lakshman, accepted the words of Lakshmana and not objected to his going. How much she has to compromise to live with in-laws for 14 years without seeing or meeting her husband for 14 years. She compromised and adjusted herself to keep the relations without getting spoiled. If we areas Ramayana we will understand those days how best are human relations.
    So compromises and adjustments play an important role in upkeeping the relations. Especially in the relations that are coming through marriage, these are very important. Sometimes the wife has to compromise and adjust. Sometimes the husband should do that. If it is from only one side also the relationship may not survive long.

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