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    Once you carry the water every drop counts for you

    We that city dwellers does not feel the pain of fetching water from far off places. Especially in Rajasthan and other interiors of India the fetching of water in two hands and balancing a pitcher on the head is the common site. They know the importance of water and for them every drop counts. Have you ever fetched water from far off places and got annoyed as others wasted it in no time ?
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    I stayed in Hindupur from 1986 to1988. Those days water scarcity in Rayalaseema was very high during all the seasons. No wells in houses. The municipality used to supply water in water tankers. Once a tanker comes onto the street and stands there, ladies with their vessels used to rush there and collect water as per the limit set by the municipality. People who are rich used to use their servant maids to collect water and carry it inside the house. I was staying in a house and opposite that house, there was a hand pump. We used to collect water sometimes from that pump. We were using water very carefully those days.
    I stayed in Bhongir. Nalgonda District, Telangana from 1988 to 95. I shifted to Hyderabad in 1995. In Bhongir water scarcity was there during summer. So our company used to purchase water and supply it to all the officers working in the company and staying in Bhongir. Daily one water tanker with two workers used to go to the houses of all officers and give them water as required. Those days even in Hyderabad water scarcity was there. We used to save water as much as possible.

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    Water has been more precious and the way people are struggling to fetch the same has their own story.
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    Water is a very valuable commodity in our lives. There are many people who are not getting the water so easily and they have to bring it from far off places. We must understand the importance of this commodity and preserve it and at any cost not waste it.
    During my childhood I had to visit my village to take provisions and some other essential items for my grandmother who was living there alone. In the village there was no tap water and we had to go about half kilometre from our house to the nearest spring water fall and fill a pitcher from it and then bring it back to the house. As it was a hilly terrain it was very difficult for me as a child to bring that pitcher back to the house. My grandmother could also bring a small pitcher on her head to the house and was always encouraging and motivating me to fill my pitcher up to the top and bring it to the house.That water was like a divine nectar for us and it served us for half day after which we again went to get it filled from the spring water fall. Every drop of that water was important to us.

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    Lack of water makes one realize the importance of water. Many times when there is such a situation due to there is a decrease in the availability of water or any other reason, then it is realized that those people who live in such areas where have to yearn for water throughout the year, their pathetic condition. In my area we are lucky to have the river Narmada, so we never face such problems. We do not have boring at home as the supply of water is sufficient but when some time we do not get water due to some technical issue in the system. We have to arrange water from others who have bores in their home. I also remember when I was in school and my father's transferred to another city where we have to bring water from the ground floor to the 2nd floor, it was a little bit difficult for us. This is sad that still, a large part of the population brings water from distant areas.

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