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    Just for fun, let us try to recite multiplication table of nineteen and share the outcome.

    During our school days, we learned multiplication tables and used the same throughout our life as and when required. There were no electronic calculators in those days.

    I wonder if we still remember all the multiplication tables up to twenty. Since the most straightforward tables are those of ten, twenty, five, etc., let us try to test our memory. It may be a fun game to try right now to recite the table of nineteen. We may try the tables of seventeen and eighteen also.

    Let us try and share here the outcome and other related observations.
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    I am not boasting. Just now checked. Still managing upto 50 very easily. This is thanks to my late parents who never allowed use of calculator.
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    In our times, our guardians would not leave us unless we complete the tables up to 50. What Partha Sir has mentioned is absolutely correct, we were not spared. While cramming the tables up to 50, I gave them explanations why we should go beyond 30 but they did not heed our requests but now, I feel its benefits. Unlike the students of the current times, very few would be proficient enough to tell you tables to that level. Even if there is a necessity of remembering the tables for the application of the same for day today activities, they will take sometime to arrive at the final results with back calculations.

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    I will be doing this regularly. I always try to recollect those tables. At that time when we byheart these tables, many of us might have not noticed that we have to go on adding the table number to get the next answer. For example, 19 X 2 = 38, if we add 19 to this it will become 57 then if we see 19 X 3 is 57. In my high school studies, we were taught up to the 20th table. Even today I remember them and for those simple multiplication I don't require a calculator and I can recite the 19th table also up to 19 X 20 even now. Many of our age persons can do this without any difficulty.
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    Good question posed by the author. Reciting tables upto 12 was the criteria in schools and over and above above was never asked and told. By the way telling 20 number table is very easy and if 19 number has to be recited, just remember the 20 table and keep on minus the numbers as it progress to get the out put. Moreover we know the small tables very well. And that becomes very handy to complete the 19th table with ease. But I fear no school is teaching the bigger tables and the teachers are also using the internet and mobile to calculate and the children are left to mend their own ways to learn the tables. It is said that those who recite the tables of bigger numbers they are good at maths and that is the reason being so in olden days the first period would be for the exclusive tables to which every students are made perfect.
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    The advent of calculators, computers, and mobiles announced the death toll for the old beautiful multiplication tables. We were remembering them by heart during our school days and they were very essential for doing any mathematical calculation. Every student was supposed to know them and remember all those tables thoroughly. Though I do not remember them now but I still remember a few of them as they are deeply engraved in my mind. The availability of mobile with the students have made their lives very comfortable in this regard and they do not need to remember any multiplication table at all. If they do not have a mobile or a calculator available then they will do the classical way of multiplication by writing on a piece of paper and find out the multiplication because they do not know the mathematical tables so they have to invariably go for that old method of multiplication. Still they are supposed to know the tables from 2 to 10 as that is required for basic multiplication method.
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