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    Is it a matter of pride to run the family by selling the ancestral property?

    There is no shortage of people in the society who sell their ancestral property and spend it easily. Society sees them a little differently. Because this is the common man's idea that they are irresponsible. Everyone has a bad idea about their own work ethic. If so, how is the government selling the country's property day by day? They are selling shares to various government companies every year. Doesn't it show the inferiority of the government? The government's argument, however, is that they are trying to boost various sick companies by selling profit-making companies. But is it really so, is the common man knowing the account of what their real money is being spent? What did you say?
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    Selling a ancestral property of family and one that belongs to govt is an asset and not property to which the govt has the right to sell if there is every chance of earning through its share. By the way ancestral properties are also generally not sold and some how or the other it is kept by one of the family members citing their remembrance of the older generation. But govt cannot nurture a company or corporation which is earning good profit and yet holding its share for no reason and thus govt has every right to do so. Maintaining even a profit making company is the big issue as the salaries are being revised regularly and even the retirement benefits to be given to the out going employees are whooping. But one thing is sure such gut decision are taken when the party in power has its own majority seats and none to question their moves.
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    Selling or not depends on the conditions of the family. I have seen some families where the family head demised due to some unforeseen reasons and the family is having nobody who can earn money for their day to day expenses. Such families sell the property they have and keep it in a bank and use the interest for their monthly expenses. It is not pride but it is a necessity. In this case, we can't find fault with the selling person. I have seen some families which are very rich and the people in the family will never work and spend the money lavishly and become bankrupt. Such people will be seen differently in society.
    The main job of the government is to administer or govern the country. They should give importance to that. The money required is being collected by the government from the people of the country only. If they have to pump money into government companies that are making losses by collecting higher taxes from the people, is never appreciated.

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    Government is not selling the ancestral property to anyone. It is simply shifting it from government control to private control. By doing that government gets revenue and managers its expenses. It is also a well known fact that any organisation, department, or company doesn't work well under the government control but when that is given under private control it starts making enormous profits. Government has no other way to increase the efficiency and productivity of these departments which government is planning to bring under private control one by one.
    Let us hope that this would bring a boost to the economy and also a thurst to the government revenues. More the revenues get the government more it can spend on developmental projects.

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    Selling our ancestral property for spending lavishly just does not look a fine idea and I don't think except a few people habituated with alcoholics or having bad companies would do so. The ancestral property provides us a sense of satisfaction and we would not like to loose the same unless some emergency situations arise such as chronic illness, for the education purpose of our sons for higher studies or arranging the daughter's marriage by selling our inherited property and so forth. If we take up an extreme step of selling the properties in the emergency situations beyond our hands, it should not be treated as a foolish decision.
    The decision of the Government might vary depending upon the nature of the parties ruling at the centre. They can formulate their own rules how to manage their government undertakings or other concerns. They can take up the decisions of selling even profitable companies to the other parties to raise their income for other infrastructural expenses.

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