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    Colour of smile is always beautiful

    It is said that one can win the hearts of people just by a simple smile. One of the best gestures that human beings possess is a sweet smile.
    Smile is a reflection of a happy mind and it makes other people also happy. People who occasionally smile while talking, speaking, or communicating with others are much liked in the society. They make the place vibrant with positivity wherever they visit.
    It doesn't cost anything in giving a beautiful smile and I feel we should use this great expression sparingly in our lives. Members, please share your thoughts about this.
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    When somebody is taking a photograph of us, he will ask us to smile while the clicking process is going on. Why? Our faces will look better when we are smiling. That is why they ask us to smile. The same is the case when somebody is staring at us. If we smile when somebody is staring at us it will be pleasing to the other person also. That is why people always say keep smiling it will add to your face value. Smile costs nothing.
    Many people can smile when there is no pain inside. But some people can smile even though they have some pain inside. That is a gift given to them by God. They will share only happiness to others but not sorrows. Such people will be very rare and we should appreciate such people and we should try to inculcate such habit.
    We should always cherish our happy moments and we should recollect them and forget the sorrows. That will give us smiles. Smiles on the face and happiness inside will give is the best health.

    always confident

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    Nice post from the author and not only the color of smile is always beautiful, it also enhances the face value of the person amidst all and people would be longing to meet such persons who can remove stress and boredom in other with his or her smile and gifted are those who can even smile during their troubled times. When the boss at the office tells some work in furious way, we may not accept that extra work and even postpone the same. But when he says with a smile and request, then we also fall into the line and does the additional task immediately. The companies have a special post called receptionist and her job would be to keep the guest and visitors in smiling mode no matter they came with furious intention to complain and raise voice. So smile has the greater chance of reducing the face off between the people for one reason or other.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, a smile is a beautiful gift that God has given to mankind. I often wonder if animals have this beautiful smile. Smile, it won't cost you anything but you can make someone smile and give them a nice day. You are alive so you have to smile because laughter is a medicine that relieves sorrow, a smiling face, a smiling heart, a happy heart. With a smile, you can make the impossible possible. A simple smile can bring out all the positive emotions in you. It even helps you strengthen your relationships with the people around you. Laughter is also very beneficial for your body. It controls your heart rate and blood pressure, greatly reducing your stress. It even helps boost your immune system. So for the good of yourself and others, we should always try to have a happy smile.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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