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    Why donating to charity is helpful to donors also?

    Generally, we all will feel that by giving donations to charity we are helping the people in need. We can't deny that but at the same time, we should also know that it will be good for the donor also. Many people give donations to charity on a regular basis as it will have a positive effect on their minds.

    Whenever we see somebody feeling happy because of the donations we gave, we feel good and feel happy. That will improve our health. When elders share their experiences of donating to a charity the children in the family can understand how they can make positive changes in the world. That will have a positive effect on their minds. They will continue donating as they grow. By seeing us donating to charity, our friends and relatives may also start donating which will make us more satisfied and we will have a cheerful mind.

    That is why I feel donating to charity is helpful to donors also.
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    I usually donate to Akshaypatra foundations on monthly basis and as well as other organizations monthly wise or quarterly wise or on auspicious days or yearly wise whenever I thought that I can donate I will donate. So I will get an exemption of Incometax certification 80 G for that. One more thing I do some small business to fetch money for donating and I will
    add to my earned money and use it for donations.

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    It is always a good deed if we go for donations now and then. Not that one should donate by starving themselves, but a part of earning should be earmarked for donation to a good cause. My part of earnings would go for donation to such temples which are not having any attendance of devotees and even the lamps could not be lit for no collections in the Hundi. Such temples are starving for donation and even the salaries of the priest not forthcoming and such temples are existing across many places of India especially in Tamil Nadu. Not that we can cater to the needs of all temple, but a earnest beginning has been made and others are also following the same. Our religion and our temples are to be protected and the govt does nothing and endowment department never goes for maintenance of such temples which are many centuries old.
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    Giving charity for a good cause and also charity for the poor and downtrodden is definitely a great virtue. It is said that everyone should donate a small percentage of one's earning for the good causes. There are so many orphanage houses across the country and there are so many poor people who do not have any job and any means of making a livelihood. These unfortunate people are only surviving on the mercy of donors. Those who can afford must donate a small part of their earnings so that it could help the poor and destitute in our country. I fully agree with the author of the post that it not only helps the poor but brings positive vibes in our minds which is a time tested method to attain happiness.
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