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    Why synthetic materials are gradually replacing the natural products?

    We require to use many things in our day-to-day life. Long ago, humankind used only natural materials like cotton, wool, silk, wood, and other agricultural and forest produce. But nowadays, we find that more and more synthetic materials like plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers, cement, metal alloys, etc., are used.

    What may be the reason for this trend? Are materials manufactured in the factories superior to natural products? Has the human population increased so much that naturally occurring products are becoming inadequate? Has humankind already disturbed the natural balance to the point of no return?

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a news video few days back where in plastic rice has been confiscated by the police and what is more alarming that it is mixed with the regular rice to adulterate and earn on the gullible trick. Just imagine what would be the effect of our health if plastic rice goes into the stomach and we know that rice comes from China. So the life has become more dangerous and we have to be alert at all time as the synthetic materials are gradually replacing the natural products. Not that the natural products are in shortage, the traders and business community always on the look out for earning something more through new methods of cheating and this may be the reason. And what the MRTP is doing across the country, and why raids are not conducted to seize the synthetic materials when confronted.
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    What the author is describing is really an unfortunate case when the traders would not mind in raking up the profits even at the cost of ruining health of the consumers. So far mixing up rice with fine pebbles was not an uncommon thing but this did not pose so much health hazards since there is a process of screening the unwanted materials in the households with the handpicking these materials. Though going through the cost angle, the customers might loose in course of their purchase. It is very strange that such traders doing business with an eye to have mammoth profits in their products go unabated since there is no strict rules to punish such culprits doing unfair practices in their business. Just see how they dare to enter into such practices of endangering the human lives. Apparently the plastic rice cannot be identified if the sizes are uniform while matching with that of rice.

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    That is true. Plastic has entered all areas. In our childhood days, only wooden chairs and steel chairs are well known. In many houses, we used to see wooden tables for sitting. But slowly plastic started replacing wood and steel. We know clay pots and brass pots for water storing and carrying. Slowly aluminium pots came and then plastic. Like this in every area plastic entered. There are two main reasons for this. The lightweight of these items and plastic is cheap. Those days money is very less in the country and the people are not having enough financial strength to purchase costly items. so always they were looking for cheaper items. Nobody understood the impact of these materials on the environment.
    Now there is no item which can't be made with plastic. A to Z any item can be made with plastic. Now people are understanding the impact of these products on nature and slowly they may stop using these synthetic items. The purchasing capacity of the people improved and they started going for natural products instead of synthetic items.

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    The invention of synthetic materials has brought a paradigm shift in our lives. They appear to be more convenient in terms of their use and require less maintenance though they are not environment friendly. I remember when 100% synthetic shirts were introduced in the market people were so much fascinated by its ability to withstand the wrinkles and its ability for getting easily washed. In fact it became an instant craze.
    In our blind inclination towards synthetic materials we have totally forgot the importance of natural materials in our lives. There are big companies and business houses which are making huge profits by the sale of synthetic materials. No one is bothering for the protection and safeguarding of the environment around us.

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