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    What would be the title of the book you wish to write and publish?

    I think all of us, the regular members of the ISC, have wished to write and publish a book. Practically, we use this forum as a practice board for writing our dream book in the future.

    What would be the title of the book you wish to write and publish for long? Will it be an autobiography or a travelogue? Will you prefer to jot down your memories for your future generations?

    I am raising this thread to share with my fellow ISCians that my book is on the verge of completion. I am writing about my ancestors and family for my grandchildren born and brought up in the US.

    Have you ever written any book or wish to write soon?
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    Very good thread shared by the author. The essence of our life is to disseminate the information and good that the author has penned a book on his ancestors and family and that would be a great gift for the children to know the family tree. For me the life was most challenging from the age of 16 years and I am alone the witness for the happenings around me and how I got into the life and how I managed single handed without anybodies help and how I am still maintaining expecting nothing from others would be the target to write and the title would be - "My life my courage" and that would be kept as the diary for my children to refer and read after my death. I wish no one should have more agony and less enjoyment and this life should not be repeated on anyone and with that conclusion I would end the chapter of writing.
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    I am very happy that we would soon be able to read the first book of Kailash Prasad Sir. We all hope that we will find his book interesting and it would provide a good learning experience to all of us.

    I am also planning to publish two books. One is a collection of very short stories written by me. The second one is autobiographical. I have finalised the title of the book, "Daskalgram to Delhi: An unforgettable journey". I would attempt this book only after my retirement.

    In my earlier office, with the kind help of my Stenographer, I started writing a novel on the theme of a divided family (originally from Lahore) after the partition. After my transfer to the present office, the flow has been lost.

    Now, I am learning to write in Bengali in another social media site. Although it is very time-consuming, I am enjoying writing in my mother-language after such a long time.

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    We are going to have two authors from ISC with published works very shortly. I wish they write more books. Writing a book is very difficult and it is possible for gifted people only. The same idea as Kailash Kumar's crossed my mind a few years back. I took to the PowerPoint route which is easy. A PowerPoint presentation was prepared by me about our family. It was shown in our family meeting conducted in the year 2014. I hope it will serve its purpose and the younger generation will take up the updating of that PowerPoint with new additions in the family.
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    I am happy to see that our members have enough talents to craft books detailing the events of the families. The first book likely to be published by Kailash Kumar Sir would definitely appear more interesting for his grand children living in US since they would get plenty of opportunities to know the details of their ancestors living in India.
    Partha Sir, too, has a plan to write a novel having the character of unique family which is divided due to formation of Pakistan. He has even penned down a book containing collection of short stories and the same is to be published shortly. Along with this book and autobiographical,too,is in the line of publication.
    We must appreciate the budding talents of our members having their tremendous potentials in writing skills.

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    In M.Phil I had prepared myself the research work done on the Effect of pesticides on the growth of bacteria and fungi in soil. I had scripted with my own words, the entire research work done the results got and the various discussions on the topic and got published. The same has been approved my professor and and also the the external examiner professors of other universities and gave A grade. So I had the experience of of writing and publishing the book. A copy of the same was kept in library of my university. Similarly I have written articles in ISC, magzines and articles in papers. They were published.

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    I wrote a book in my mother tongue that is Telugu. The book contains 100 poems written following all the Telugu Grammar rules for writing a poem. I got it printed on my own and distributed it to my friends and relatives. These poems are about the ethical way of living and various morals of life.
    I wrote my thesis for my PhD. The thesis is about the experiments conducted by me in our research laboratory and the findings in the field of analytical chemistry. The thesis is completely prepared by me and adjudicated by a professor from IIT Chennai, a senior scientist from BARC. Mumbai and a university Professor from an Australian University and the Thesis has been accepted by all the three of them and I was awarded a PhD. A copy of my thesis is in the University library and one was sent to UGC, New Delhi.
    Thus, I have the experience of writing a book in Telugu and English. Some of my research papers were mentioned in the books written by international authors in Analytical Chemistry.

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    It is good to know that many members in ISC have interest in writing.
    I also have interest in writing for quite sometime and so far I have published two books. The first one contains poems and stories and is titled as - 'Shades of life - 6 stories and 18 poems'. The second book contains only poems and is titled as - 'A Rainbow of Poems'.
    As my core subject is Physics I am now writing a book on Basic Physics which is meant for everyone. It is almost complete and will be ready for publishing in 1-2 months.
    My next project is a book containing assorted essays on a variety of topics. The title is yet to be decided.

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    I am also interested in writing books. I want to convert my Ph.D thesis into book form. How it is possible? How much cost it will take in printing book. Is there any benefit if I convert my thesis into book form.

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