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    Are we under the watchful eyes of CCTV only?

    Nowadays, we often come across notices on roads, houses, shopping malls, and other places warning us that - 'you are under the watchful eyes of the CCTV.' We are supposed to refrain from unlawful activities after reading such notices.

    My point is if we are under the watchful eyes of CCTV only? What about the watchful eyes of the omnipresent almighty God?

    I think it has nothing to do with being religious? To be ethical, one need not be of a religious mind?

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    A cat will drink milk by closing its ice. So cats think that nobody is seeing them. But it will forget that others are working while keeping their eyes open. The same is the case with human beings also. When we do certain things we will try to do it secretly thinking that nobody is seeing. At the same time they will think that even though there is a CCTV, nobody will go back to see what is there in it. But there is an eye which will be watching the whole universe and even a dust particle moment also will be noticed by that eye. That belongs to HIM the God.
    So people who indulge in unethical works can't go out of the scanning of God. They have to have a fear of God. The police or courts in this world may not notice the misdeeds but God will definitely notice all such actions. If one is having that feeling he will never go for such unethical activities.

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    Once again a good thread posted by the author. Actually cctv cameras are kept only for surveillance to detect the unlawful activities one doubted and otherwise it is of no use. But when we are constantly watched by others and our moves, we should be more careful because, once known about our bad deeds, the onlooker can cause much damage than the cctv cameras footage. And we are always watched by the God and our every bad move is recorded and uploaded to the sin section which goes on increasing and once the data is full, that is the time of our recall to the heaven or hell as per the past deeds. Not that everyone is clean on this world, but what kind of bad deeds, how it affected wholesome people and how they suffered are constantly tabulated by the God and therefore we must be going the religious way after the retirement age to compensate the loss of name.
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    It is very true that we are under continuous watch from these camera devices mounted at all the important and critical places. This is basically done to ensure that people do not resort to wrong practices in public areas. It is a known fact that people do not adhere to wrong deeds when they know that someone is watching them. This is the normal human psychology.
    Coming to the point raised by the author that when God is watching us then why we should resort to evil deeds, I would say that it varies from person to person and his religious beliefs. If a person is really religious and believes in the religious principles then he would never do a wrong thing in any place. Unfortunately few people are like that. Most of the people pretend that they are religious and God fearing but actually they are not and behind that mask they carry out all the wrong deeds for mitigating their selfish motives.

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    CCTV cameras have been installed to make the people careful while visiting the malls and other shops for our purchases. Some customers might be under impression that they might not be caught even doing some wrong activities. A lot of activities are going inside the departmental stores and who else has that much time to nab the defaulters? However sometimes, it might be humiliating for him. The best way is to be honest so that no complexities develop in our mindsets.

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