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    Happiness is a mirage

    When we were child that time our elders used to say like that you study well then your future will be happy. We used to study thinking like this that one day we will get job and our life would be full of excitement. When we come in job then our responsibility is so much then we would not get time even for food. Thus, whole life spent in mirage in search of happiness. Dear member, what do you think? Share your view.
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    Nice post from the author but after reading that my thoughts went to a small observation which needs to be shared here for better understanding. To fill the bucket, it has to be kept right beneath the tap at the center point so that it would be filled within time. Now take the instance that the pipe was not fully opened and the water output was less, in that case the time taken to fill would be more. And in another instance if the bucket was not kept right ,then there are every chance of water getting wasted from the sides. So the examples are amply clear and it connects to our education and career. What kind of education we had and how we fared in the exams and what were our plus points than the other candidates seeking employment, are we one step better than the other to score a good job for us and to keep happy ?
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    Happiness is nothing but a state of the mind. So whether you are happy or not will depend on the mindset of the individual. Many times we discussed. A poor man who managed two chapatis for that night can sleep happily as his hunger is fulfilled. He is very happy with the food he had. A rich man is not able to feel happy and sleep as he couldn't make the profit as expected. Even though he made some profit it is lower than what he expected. So he can't sleep and he is not happy.
    Once we learn to enjoy what we have, we will feel happy. This is what I believe. In our lives at every stage of our lives, there will be some or the other responsibilities to all of us and we have to fulfil them. We have to get the happiness out of fulfilling our responsibilities. Then you will be always happy only. Let us learn to be happy with what we have but never look at somebody else for happiness.

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    The only way to understand whether we are happy or not is to compare. Either comparison with the people around, or comparison with one's own past. This is the scale of happiness. There is no way to understand the amount of happiness without putting someone else on the opposite side. Greed for a beautiful life is the only desire of humans. In the pursuit of that life, we may neglect what we really need, and in the end, our well-being is diminished. I don't think that the goods and services we brought after seeing an advertisement can increase our good well-being. But once you can show greed, you run to buy. For example, we use mustard oil. Therefore, as much as mustard oil can give a 'good stay', all mustard oil gives. Foolishly, the feeling of being good as seen in advertisements is instilled in us and we run for that mustard oil. Happiness is the same thing, so we can only be happy if we keep it in our own feeling without running after this happiness.
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    Happiness is definitely is the state of mind and the person enjoying the same would like to remain in the same state. I am illustrating an example of a child studying in class four twenty years back living adjacent to our colony. He was singing a song happily and I interrupted him asking him regarding his final results. He was rather mum for sometime and later disclosed that he had failed in the examination. Then I wanted to know the reason for happiness. He replied innocently that he would move to Indore after a month where he would get a lot of new friends apart from a nice locality which he was lacking at the present moment. I was really stunned to hear such a reply. He was not at all sorry for his bad performance but he was thinking of nice companies after his father's transfer. Hence happiness is indicative of our perceptions providing us the pleasant thoughts. However we have seen the people always complaining about something or the other but the other set of people ignore the minor discomforts remaining happy always.

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    We are living in a competitive world and struggling for various things in our lives. It is obvious that in such a situation there will always be some amount of stress in us. This stress is actually the great inhibitor for the happiness. Frankly speaking happiness is such a thing which alludes us from time to time and we run after it in a relentless manner. Experts define happiness as the calm and serene condition of our minds but the biggest question is how to achieve that.
    Our ancient scholars and saints advised the path of spirituality through yoga and meditation to achieve happiness but very few people follow that. Achieving happiness is not so easy as it requires a lot of discipline and control on our thoughts and actions.

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    Completing one's studies is indeed a matter of happiness. Similarly, finding a job involving responsibilities is even better source of happiness.

    If we look around then we find that many people are jobless and struggling with their paper degrees. As a few authors have already stated, happiness is just a state of mind.

    There is no harm in being ambitious. It motivates for doing better. One should work harder for achieving set goals.

    I believe that patience is one of the greatest virtues one can have. The other great virtues are contendedness and satisfaction in what we have.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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