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    Do you feel connected to your native town at railway stations?

    I used to travel long distances by train and always felt at home at railway stations, even at distant places having varied cultures, including language. I always felt connected to my native town through the railway lines connecting the two railway stations.

    The design and shapes of structures like railway platforms, railway station name boards, waiting rooms, station master's room, and uniforms of TTs and coolies remained the same. Also, generally, three languages, Hindi, English, and regional languages, were used for displaying station names.

    Nowadays, it has become much more challenging to travel by train because of too much crowd and lack of the desired level of cleanliness. Still, railways are the primary mode of travel for the masses in India.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    When we pass through the railway stations our past memories do trickle in not only because of a native town but also having bonding for having relatives, friends and having worked in that place. For example whenever the train passes through the Vijayawada, the Kanaka Durga temple would be remembered and like wise when the train passes through Renigunta, the famous Tirumala would be worshiped from the station itself. When we like a place, we get connected to it in past present and future and there is no question of forgetting the happenings. And when in the past lived in small village with no power and no facilities and the same is developed now beyond recognition, that would give greater satisfaction and the area we lived is totally erased and made new with new complex and more population dotting the area.
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    Unfortunately, there is no railway station in my native village. To reach a railway station from mu village I have to travel about 15 KM. If a have to go to a big railway station I have to travel around 25 KM. That is why I am more connected to bus stands. When I go and sit on the bus from an important station in AP or Telangana I can get dropped off at my village. When we sit at a bus stand many buses will be coming and going. When we see those names and if that bus goes to our native place even though we were not getting into that bus also, just by seeing that we feel happy.
    The services given by railways these days improved a lot and cleanliness also is improved. If we get a ticket in a reserved compartment, we can happily travel on the train as we have the chance of lying down on our berth whenever we want.

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