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    Who is WHO to annoy India with covid deaths fudging figures?

    Now it is becoming increasingly clear that India neutral stand on Ukraine war has really bothered the west and western organizations which are now in the mode of mudslinging as one after other reportS getting emanated against the India. The latest being the WHO report which says 47 lakhs Covid deaths occured in India and New Delhi condemned the same. When the Covid site is more transparent and has the details on daily basis then on what basis WHO has blamed India and that is too much damaging. Who is WHO ?
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    I don't know what is the relation between the Ukraine war and COVID death statistics. Why WHO should worry about the stand of India. The figures shown by WHO across the world also are more than what is reported by different countries. WHO has shown 1.5 crore death across the world instead of the 54 lakh that have been recorded officially by countries separately. India reported around 5 lakh deaths but WHO showed a very high figure. As mentioned by the author the country objected to it. India has objected to the methodology adopted by WHO to calculate the excess deaths. The real figure may be higher than what is reported by the government of India. But it can't be so high as reported by WHO. As reported by WHO, the deaths are about 15% in high-income countries. It is about 28% in upper-middle-income countries and 53% in lower-middle-income countries and just 4% in poor countries.
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    WHO has never cornered the China which was the cause of virus to the world and the fudging figures are more there.
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    The official death figure during the Covid-19 pendemic announced by India may not be a correct figure because of the various reasons. There were many deaths that took place in villages and remote areas which never came in the light and the bodies were disposed by the people without routing them through the data recording system managed and controlled by the Govt agencies. There is no doubt that the data is definitely on the lower side. Now to find out the exact figure about the death during the pandemic we will have to take a number of assumptions and it is not very easy to find out the exact number of deaths during that period. WHO must have assumed certain factors and must have arrived at this figure which of course seems to be on a very high side. So we cannot take the WHO data also as the true one.
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    The author is to be applauded for finding a connection between the neutral stand!!! of India in the Russian war against Ukraine and the covid death figures of India. The death figures shown by India and those estimated by the World Health Organization are at variance. India objected to the methodology adopted by WHO and WHO is supporting the model it adopted to arrive at Covid deaths in India. No doubt there is fudging of the numbers but by how much may be clear in a few days.
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    1. As far as I understand, the death figure mentioned by WHO in respect of India is nothing accurate; it is only a projection based on a mathematical model. We don't know how WHO has come to the conclusion that the particular mathematical model was prepared taking into account the Indians' natural immunity against respiratory diseases.
    2. The chief of WHO is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In my subsequent responses, I would address him as 'Ghebre'.
    3. Ghebre has long been working as a 'dalal' of China. He, on behalf of WHO, took all efforts to put under the carpet the fact that this Corona-virus originated from the bio-labs of China.
    4. Ghebre took money from China and delayed announcement of pandemic at the initial stage causing rapid spread of this disease from Wuhan to many other countries like the USA, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil. Even the first Indian patient returned to India from Wuhan only.
    5. Since the beginning of this crisis, Ghebre and entire WHO have given one after another false information, incorrect report, inaccurate projection, etc. Either Ghebre is doing it intentionally as per the direction of China or he has no idea about this virus. At one stage, WHO even resorted to spreading rumours. Ghebre has also given clean chit to China without any investigation.
    6. People are 100% sure that the mathematical model applied by Ghebre to find the number of death is totally wrong. 47 lakh death due to Covid in the country is ridiculous. Indian doctors have started to rebut Ghebre, and that too very strongly.
    7. Finally, India's secular-liberal intellectuals were initially jumping in joy when the report of Ghebre first came, but slowly they are changing tac after seeing the very strong reaction of Indian Government and Indian experts.
    8. Ghebre and his master Xi Jinping's propaganda war against India is going to fail.

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