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    Why people have lost craze in things of foreign origin?

    Earlier, people used to have a craze for anything of foreign origin. Even nowadays, they wish to plan a tour to a foreign country even though better tourist places are available within India at a much cheaper cost.

    As far as foreign goods are concerned, now many items of foreign origin are available in the market. Many Chinese goods have replaced Indian products. Thus, we observe a shift in the people's attitude toward items of foreign origin.

    It is a good trend if we buy products manufactured in India.

    But for the sake of discussion, let us try to understand the reasons for such a change in people's attitudes? Is the quality of foreign goods poor?
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    The good pitch started by Modi government as Made in India and made for India has gained good importance and people started supporting local brands which is now far superior than the global brands. Most of the companies have the expertise and innovative products to over take the foreign brands and even foreign brands have now started manufacturing their goods in India and thus they also claim to be locals. People slowly realized that supporting the mother country has become necessity and when good atmosphere is created to have the start ups of own and during the corona lock down many started their own business and now very well established and even catering to the needs of their local demands and thus there is no yearning for the foreign brands and Indians are now contended with the desi varieties.
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    The products that are being produced in India are on par with foreign goods. In earlier days, India was not able to make quality products and to force their sales the government was imposing heavy import duties. So those days smuggling of foreign goods was very high. I remember when I was doing my intermediate my uncle took me to a place where smuggled goods were sold. Two foreign wristwatches were purchased, one for me and one for my sister.
    But slowly foreign companies started producing in India and Indian companies to meet the competition started improving the product quality. If you see some latest cars that are produced in Inda by Indian companies like TATA, they are no lesser than a car produced by a foreign company in India. This has made us purchase more from the Indian market than the imported ones. Now there is no item that is not available in the Indian market.

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    There was a time when a person going on a foreign trip brought so many items on return for the family members and friends and had difficulty in getting them cleared from the customs as there was a huge custom duty on those products. That was the time when people were really crazy about foreign items and wanted to have them at any price.
    The time has changed now as India is emerging as a big hub of manufacturing and many multinational companies have started getting their products manufactured here. Then there is a greater emphasis by Govt on local products and over and above that make in India campaign has changed the perception of people about foreign goods and people are even not buying the cheaper Chinese products.

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    Is it really so? The origin of many spares is outside the country but they are assembled in India to make a finished product. If we think about semiconductor chips and processors essentially required in electronic items, they are not manufactured in India but used in all the electronic products of foreign brands assembled in India. Just take the example of Samsung or Xiaomi whose mobile phones are widely sold in India. They are originally foreign brands but many of their products are assembled in India. The import cost of the completely foreign-made items will be too high and many in our country will not be able to afford them. Now when the same brands are available in India with much lower price people will definitely go for them. The availability of many of the foreign brands with manufacturing plants in our country because of globalization has made this possible.

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    Those were the days prior to 1970, when there was the craze for the Indian people to have the foreign products whenever they had the chance to visit a foreign country. Going to Nepal during the reign of 1970, provided us great stimulation since this provide us an opportunity to get the foreign products for which excise duty was not be paid in some of items including Transistors, Wrist Watches and So On.
    Now the time has changed and we can have almost all products of our choice which are as superior as the foreign products. It means that we are following excellent quality norms during its manufacturing process.

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