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    The son, father and the challenges both face today

    Ask any young man who has a child or two children aged between 5 and 8. As a son, the young man is very much part of the New generation. A good percentage of these professionals are employed in the IT sector, with fairly good salaries and most would have chosen their own husbands or wives.

    The son, in particular, would have parents to care for, though they would be housed in their native place or in some old age home. The man would have a new generation wife who would not be patient with caring for the in-laws. The son, who is just 5 to 8 years old, does have his challenges as well. The school schedule is really taxing. This new generation is the Facebook, Twitter, Swiggy, and Google generation. (FTSG). Most of these youngsters are addicted to IT, even when they are just six years old.

    The communication lines between the father and the child are not so good. The same applies to the daughter as well. Since both parents are employed, the impatience of everyone to do "things quickly" brings its own problems. The grandparents are at a loss to understand what is going on but have no voice in the matter. One does not know what the New Education Policy will bring, but whatever shape it takes, is going to bring new challenges for the son or daughter and the father. The mother also has a taxing time and how to face such challenges does require very calm thinking and direction.
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    A timely nice post by the author. Whenever we look at modern life we can ??see a society full of abundance but immerse in sorrow. Excessive greed has blinded us and as a result, inhumane acts are on the rise. This has led to emotional turmoil and stress and new diseases. Mankind is at a critical juncture in modern society. Human is currently living solely on science and technology. Science and technology are growing uncontrollably day by day. No one knows where this growth is taking us. Which way the boys and girls of modern society are going has become a matter of concern for every parent. Many are hesitant to keep pace with the times. Many people think that it is going in the right direction but the result is not known. But I think it's wise to leave it with the time. However, children need to pay special attention to their own judgment of Parents. Because they are still apprentices and are learning ground, it is important to always take care to make them good citizens.
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    Unfortunately the new parents who are unable to control the traunts of the small children, they are parting with mobile phone at the young age of one or two years and by 5 years of age the child could able to unlock, browse, remove child lock, save screen password of his own and thus parents have to be at the mercy of the child to part the phone. Only yesterday when I was having evening walk in my colony, one year old child was given the cell phone and she would watch the rhymes from very closely and I am sure that child would certainly get into vision problems even before going to the school. When I told the parents not to part with the phone, the child gets annoyed as she knows I am preventing her from watching. Such is the intelligence of children and we the parents alone responsible to get rid of this bad habit.
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    The mother can't leave her mobile phone but she wanted the child not to see the mobile. If the small kid asks why she is seeing. the mother will get annoyed and shout at the kid. As mentioned by the author these days parents have no time to spend with children and they have to finish off everything quickly. They don't have the energy or nack of convincing the child. The old grandparents can't say anything. If they say anything the younger generation feels that we are overlapping their area of operation. Husband will always be supporting wife only. This has become the norm of the day. Why a person is struggling a lot to earn money? Crores of rupees will be there in the bank even then why both wife and husband have to earn. Why of them can't dedicate their time to the upbringing of their children? If they spend a reasonably good time with their children and explain to them what is good and what is bad, the children will grow normally and they will know how to respect their seniors. But that concept is not there these days.
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    We are passing through the tough situation not controlling our youngsters to see the mobile phones or other gadgets which could ultimately impact their vision and even hearing loss would occur within four to five years. We are having the young generations engaged in their computers to deliver results to their IT companies having no time to look after their kids. The kids even cannot ask their parents to sort out their issues with their parents due to scarcity of time of their parents. They are involved in their own smartphones to pass their times. It is not that the parents are not aware of the side effects of their glancing over these gadgets, but they are helpless because of the nature of their jobs. Despite the fact, the parents have enough resources to upbringings their kids, they are not being looked after properly.

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    There have been a lot of changes in the society and also in the relationship within a family between parents and children over the time. Earlier people were caring for each other and giving time to everyone but today the situation is different as everyone is busy in online activity and in social media. This has created a lot of indifference in the attitude of people in the society as well as in the family.
    Expert say that these are the side effects of technology, modernisation, and new ways of lives that people have adopted and have totally become accustomed to it.

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