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    Let us care for the contract and casual laborers

    Entire truckloads of North Indians, particularly from the Hindi belt, board some train or the other, bound for Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and even cities like Mysore or Coimbatore, and somehow get some employment, through some agent or the other, in thousands of contract and casual jobs.

    These exploited souls are totally uneducated; they are mostly married and have their wives and children in their native villages back home. The "one nation, one ration card" scheme seems to be working in most places and that is the main support for these souls, who are often paid wages that are far less when compared to the locals. They are employed in the construction sites, in the hotels and lodges, in schools and in colleges and as watchmen in most establishments.

    They need our support. Some voluntary agencies are often seen helping them in small ways. These unfortunate, uneducated labor required all help.
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    If the North Indian labors are coming to South that is very dangerous trend because we have good labors at the helm and we are denying the local labors their right to work. For example even in Telangana especially in Hyderabad we could find labors from AP and Odisha and the reason being they are not going to take any leave, work starts from early morning, they would prepare own food at the site and sleep at the site. So there is no question of labor running away and the project is completed within time and the builder is happy. But what about Telangana labors who are also having good skill but denied the job. So this has to be corrected and as far as possible the contract labors should be from the local area and that would be the right decision otherwise confrontation between the labor in future would be for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These days we see many labourers coming from other states to the southern states and working in many factories as workers. I know some organisations, where labour from other states only will be employed but not local labourers. This is mainly due to the unproductive ways that are being adopted by the local people here. Management keeps them inside the factory area by constructing some quarters there. Once a week, they will be provided with some transportation to the nearest town so that they can go and purchase the required materials and spend some time and come back. They are very happy.
    It all depends on the management and if the management is good enough these people will work hard and give good output and management will also take care of them. There are some companies where some exploitation is also there. Many labours from other states are active in the construction field also, Now they stopped working on daily wages in Hyderabad. They are working on a contract basis and the charges will be based on the amount of work.

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