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    How can we ripe mangoes naturally today?

    One hears that the mangoes that we see in the shops are all ripe due to the generous use of chemicals. These chemicals do cause any number of health problems for anyone who consumes these.

    The other safe alternative is to go to the farms and buy the raw green mangoes. Next, comes the big question: how to make them ripe, without the use of chemicals? In the good old days, I used to remember a person who would use the gunny bags made of jute and make them ripe. One really does not know if that method is in use today.

    Those with deep knowledge of the process may please explain what it takes to get this process right, in the most natural way possible. We need to particularly protect our children and teach them the right things. The use of deadly chemicals is the worst ever cancer that can spell doom any day, anytime.
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    I saw my mother keeping raw mangoes in the drum of rice. After two or three days, the mangoes used to become ripe. Same thing was witnessed with unripe papaya.

    Now my wife and my sister also do the same.

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    If you buy raw mangoes and want to ripe it there are few easy ways but it takes some days to ripe. Firstly gather some mango leaves of the same tree, put the leaves inside a drum or the crate, then arrange the mangoes in distance and should not touch each other and then again spread the mango leaves on them and leave for at least four days to ripe. Another way is to keep the raw mangoes inside the rice drum concealed inside the rice and leave it for few days to ripe. One thing is sure the mangoes getting ripe on the tree takes more time and by the time the squirrel, parrots and even monkeys would have their hay day and even eat away or destroy the yield. But ripen mango even to half extent is very good and in our opposite house they are keeping like that and one thunder storm yesterday some mangoes fallen on ground and destroyed.
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    The riping of mangoes using natural methods can be seen even today if we go to the villages in Andhra Pradesh and some places in Telangana. Maybe the same process is in use in the other states also. I am not aware. The raw mangoes which are old enough and ready for riping will be plucked from the trees. In a dark room, they will keep a layer of dry grass and over that raw mangoes will be placed one by one in a row and again grass layer will be spread. They can go up to 6 to 7 layers and close the door. Based on the quality of fruits they will get ripped in 4 to 5 days. They will open the room, remove the ripped fruits and replace them with fresh raw mangoes.
    If the quantity is less, instead of spreading them in a room, we can take small baskets and put dry grass and mangoes as alternative rows. We should ensure that on the top and at the bottom dry grass should be there. We have one mango tree in our house and we use this method to ripe the mangoes.

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