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    The existence of darkness has increased the brightness of the light?

    At the end of the day, the earth is covered with a black moon of darkness. When the night ends, the earth's surface is illuminated by sunlight in the morning. In the same way, in this society birth-death, creation-destruction, light-darkness, joy-pain, and happiness-sorrow are all intimately connected with each other, though they are characteristically opposite to each other and despise each other. In the same way, light is so glorious because of the presence of darkness in nature. If there was no darkness, the glory of light would fade away. So the existence of one of these elements in beautifying the earth cannot be imagined without the other. So I think our attraction to become gentle or social is the contribution to the existence of an evil position in society. Your comments, please.
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    Dark and light is part of parcel of our daily life and that is the reason being so we are introduced to the challenges and the enjoyment of life. Those who gone through the challenges, they must be ready to enjoy the next moment because that way our life has been balanced. Those who are rich by birth, they would slowly loose all the wealth and they would end up to poor position and existence itself become challenge. And for some from the childhood the life would have more sad and bad period and they are eagerly expecting big break probably through their children progress and their career prospects. So the when dark approaches, we must remember the challenges ahead tomorrow and prepare for the eventual bail out from the same. Otherwise the life would remain the stagnant way to which we are not accustomed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. When there are difficulties in life, a little release from the pressure also gives us immense happiness. If there is no sadness we never know the value of happiness. The taste of the food will be very good when you are hungry. If there is no hunger even tasty food also will not taste good to the individual.
    Yesterday night the power voltage was low and AC was not getting on. The fan is running. We thought power should become normal so that AC can start. We never understood the value of a fan. After a moment power was completely gone and the fan also stopped functioning. Then only do we realise how good the fan was? Almost we have to wait for 2 hours to get back the power and start AC again.
    We know the importance of a candle when there was no light at all. People who struggled before setting well in their lives will understand this but people who never struggled maynot be able accustom to difficult situations easily.

    always confident

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    Everything is having its opposite existing in this world. Without opposite nothing exists. That is the inherent nature of this universe. Everything gets its value more or less depending on the value of its opposite. The recognition of a particular thing most of the times depends upon the recognition or rejection of its opposite.
    There are virtuous people in this world but there are evil people also who are residing in the same world. The challenge today is how to convert these evil people into good citizens and bring them in the correct and right stream so that they can be useful for the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We won't have pleasure unless we have gone through sadness. To ensure that we must have steady flow of money in our lives, we must taste poverty first. If the same has been realised from our end, we would take every step to alleviate the existing status. The same thing applies for the student community if they have not miserably in their examinations, they would not realise the importance of passing the examinations. So we can conclude that that without identifying the extremities of the different conditions, we would not realise the other conditions which are exactly opposite to other ones. Betterment from the ugly phase to the brighter phase is possible with the inner motivation to change one's status from worst to the best.

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