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    Sporting with beard compulsion for youth or fashion statement?

    Now a days almost every youth has the beard and that would be maintained well to give aesthetic look for the face and without beard is considered something non acceptable among the lot. Even the offices where they work does not ask them to come clean shave and this gives them better standing on having beard for sure. But some youth who are working over stress at office are also getting grey hair and beard turning grey and in that case regular coloring has become the extra expense. Do you think beard is necessity or fashion statement ?
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    Young people generally get attracted to trends and fashion statements being popular during their times. It had always happened like that in the past also and the present is no exception.
    I remember during our school days there was a fashion trend of combing hair in a very special way that resembled the hair style of some popular cine actor of that time. We all used to copy that and everyone felt modern by doing that. It is interesting to note that passion trends and style change from time to time and that gives an appointment to the business houses to supply the goods of the choices of people depending on those fashion trends. So there is a business connection also there when we talk about fashion and latest styles popular in the young generation.

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    Yesterday, my granddaughter was asking me. Why you don't have a beard whereas my father is having a beard? I was thinking a while and told her that your father's beard is in black colour and hence looks pretty whereas my beard is white in colour and will not look nice, that is why I shave every day and hence no beard on my face. Today I have seen this thread from Mohan.
    When I was in a top position in my career, I used to shave on daily basis and all the senior officers used to come like that only. Even today if you see many medical representatives, you will find them with a clean shave. As mentioned by the author these days companies are not insisting on the youth on these matters. Even dress codes are also not followed that strictly. They are more interested in the output. Really if it is trimmed properly beard will give handsomeness to the person.

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    It all depends on the person. Some like beards and maintain them well while others prefer the clean-shaven look. Keeping the beard well-trimmed and in a specific style is definitely a fashion statement and it depends on the trend as mentioned by Umesh Sir in his reply. Time has changed and nowadays because of the ease of communication people remain in touch and meet frequently which makes them conscious of their attire and style statements. There is also a craze to post regular updates on social media platforms and because of all these factors, youths are more style-conscious these days.

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    It looks like Mohanji is sporting a beard. I wish to know the purpose for which Mohanji is sporting a beard. Is it to get a youth feeling or a fashion statement or any other purpose?
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    During my younger days, I was simply ordered by my father to shave regularly and become clean-shaven. However, I did have a moustache for some time. But after my only failure in a job interview due to my moustache, I simply deleted it from my life. I have described the painful experience with my moustache here: Unsuccessful interview and the role of the moustache.

    Although at later stage, whenever I tried to sport a beard, my officers always asked: "Partha, are you unwell? Why don't you go home and get checked by a doctor? Don't ignore your health." So, I have stopped even the thought of sporting a beard.


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    @KVRR, I am almost 60 years and having beard is the natural process to get grey hair and old.
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