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    Is fear essential to create discipline?

    Discipline is one of the most important things in our lives. It is said that discipline is the main factor which helps in improving the productivity and output of a person or a group of people working for some common objectives. It is imperative that we should have discipline in workplace for progress and prosperity of the business. This applies well even for the household situation where discipline is required for smoothly going ahead.
    It is said that many people are not disciplined but adhere to it under force and fear. Good but shrewd managers know this aspect very well and create fear in the minds of their subordinates and make them to adhere to discipline.
    Does creating fear in the minds of people make them disciplined? What are your views?
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    Self-discipline is the best form of discipline. The sense of discipline should come from the inner self. But, such a scenario is possible only when the people have realized the importance and significance of discipline. Ordinary people require fear to follow the rules and codes of conduct.

    Religious-minded people fear God.
    The students fear corporal punishment.
    Criminals fear the legal punishment.
    An employees fear losing their jobs.

    For good people, moral and ethics are enough to guide them. But, where moral fails then law is required to be enforced to instil a sense of discipline.

    Fear of death is perhaps one of the greatest fears of humankind.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Some amount of fear is definitely required especially in the minds of lazy and those employees who try to escape from their duties.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is the fact that strict discipline rules at the home and work place would bring in formidable performance, adhering to the quality, having more seasoned behavior, no wastage of time and above all the whole people would be working in tandem and there is no question of any deviation or misgiving. Discipline in the house is also must. For example what things has to be kept at which place to which everyone should know. Even the power goes one must able to fetch the things without even switching on to alternate lighting and that should be the way of arranging the things in disciplined way in the home. And in the office also we have to create our own discipline code to which we have follow and make others to follow. And discipline creates fear in the minds of people as they are being watched for following every minute details.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Strict discipline is key to success. It is not essential that people get feared for following discipline. The best way is to develop from inside instead of getting feared. Discipline is essential for good management whether office or home. Only disciplined people have more chance of getting success in life. Discipline people always do every work on time. They also manage time very well.

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    Strict discipline can be implemented by ourselves and this should come within ourselves without getting any instruction to follow the same from higher authority of the organisation. Initially, it would be difficult to put the same in practice but with our firm determination to follow the same, it can be done. There are some employees in the organisations doing this due to the fears of punishment and it appears that they are following the strict norms of the discipline only due to the enforcement of the organisation but one should mind that discipline is tge essential ingredient to success in any venture we are doing and hence no relaxation is to be shown in this field.

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