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    Is faking unavoidable in day to day life?

    A simple meaning of faking is 'ungenuine' or 'imitation,' but generally, it is taken in a much more negative sense connoting forgery or a sham.

    It is impossible to be a hundred percent genuine in our day-to-day life in social circles. We sometimes conceal or camouflage truth under a thin veneer of lies or circumlocutions. We often tell family members that we are happy though reality may be a bit otherwise.

    We fake, intending not to spoil the moods of our near and dear ones or to escape a situation.

    What are your observations and experiences in this regard? Is it possible to be Raja Harshchandra in modern society?
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    For that matter we cannot live on the lines of Raja Harishchandra who was regarded as epitome of truth and never fake. In those days the wrong doers were less and there was no necessity to fake even. But these days the nepotism, favoritism and corruption at every stage has made the genuine person not required and relegated to back seat and having seen the inconsequential people hogging limelight and taking the positions, the faking has become part and parcel of our life. Not that we are faking everyone, but we do fake for the selfish benefit not to over all extent but to few degrees. Faking can be for selfish goals, faking can be to keep others happy and faking can be to bail out from the present situation and later tackle the situation. So how far we go to fake depends on the person and circumstances for sure and there is no denial of faking.
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    The intentions we have behind faking are more important. To avoid unhappiness and trouble for others faking may not be treated as a deceiving somebody or a bad act. But for our selfish goals if we are faking it is considered bad. As a matter of fact, on some occasions may be good also. Lord Krishna himself told Yudhishthira that in certain conditions it is never considered a sin. He encouraged him to tell lies so that they can win the battle. When we do certain things for the benefit of the world or society. when we do certain works for establishing Dharma some faking may be considered not a sin. Lord Krishna himself pretended as if he was sleeping when Duryodhana came well in advance to ask for his support and waited for the arrival of Arjuna. After Arjuna came he pretended as if he has seen arjuna earlier and later seen Duryodhana.
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    Faking is very common in today's environment and everyone resorts to It time and again in one's life. Children, adult, and old people everyone fakes depending on the demand of the situation. Faking is not a good trait because it is equal to cheating but people fake most of the times to hide something that they do not want others to know. Many people do it to show off and hide their deficiency and drawbacks behind it in a nice and intelligent manner. Some people do it in a perfect manner and others cannot find out the true feelings behind their faking face masks. It is implied that we should not take the people on the face value of what they speak and tell to us rather than try to find their real motives behind their sweet words.
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