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    Humans are the only tool to change society?

    The biggest fear among many of us is the fear of society. When we go to do something or something happens, we think first - about what society will say or think. We don't even think about what society itself is. You, me, or we are not a society together? Is society a separate entity? Society thinks what we think. In fact, society is doing in the same way as a reflection of our actions. Just as there is no such concrete thing as a society, we have a responsibility to maintain the system of society. Society is only a reflection of our work, attitude, behavior, belief, and disbelief.
    So it is part of our responsibility to society to be good and to do good. Society will change only if we change ourselves. So let's not be afraid of the society, let's start a new society in the ideology of humanity as we can change.
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    Good post from the author. When we are in the society our actions, our moves are closely watched by the society and they make good or even rave comments about the same. Not that we sought their views, but they take the liberty because we live in the society and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Now coming to the point of changing the society. If we change ourselves and if the move is right and formidable, others would also change and tow our ideas and actions and that way the society gets changed. That is the reason being so if a stubborn child was admitted in the school, he or she would soon change and adapt to the class behavior and the fear of teacher would make him a good organized child. Not that the child was beaten or coerced, but the whole behavior of the class has the lasting effect on every child and this child.
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    Society is nothing but a group of people. You, me and others put together is society. We always think about society means we always think about others. We can't live in this society if we always think what others say about. As long as we are honest and true to the core of our hearts we need not think about others, We should not deceive others and we should not talk about others with a biased opinion. Please remember that we are also a part of society
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    Every society is comprised of human beings. Every society has its own convictions, rules, regulations, and traditions. The members of the society behave as per the common pattern existing in that society. It is obvious that those who do not follow that will have to face the wrath of the society. That is the fear that makes a person to abide by the common directions of the society. It is interesting to note that everything in the society will not be normal. There will be some conflicts, confrontations, and abberations in the setup of the society and that would require to be addressed. Only the human beings living in that society with a cordial and cooperative approach can address these problems and help in developing the society for the betterment.
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