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    Rahul Gandhi was very vocal and assertive for the first time

    Rahul Gandhi speech at Warangal was very powerful and for the first time we are coming across such a assertive version from him. He has the reason to say that those have the capacity to win for the party need stay and others may go right now and no regrets. This comes after scores of old, new and those who were subdued leaders in the recent past queued up to welcome him. He said party does not want half hearted leaders, but dedicated persons who can win on their own and serve party. Surely in Congress everyone is a leader and none has the backing of votes.
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    Probably he was inspired by the way the State Congress President, a youth and very vocal; Revanth Reddy. Revanth is a very good speaker and trying to lead the party from the front in the State. Many senior leaders in Congress have differences of opinions about having this man as the State Party President. But he has the full support of New Delhi. The resolution passed by the party in the Warangal meeting is in favour of farmers and already TRS is planning how to counter the same. RG said that BJP and TRS are having some inside understanding. I don't know how far it is true. However, BJP is giving a full fight to TRS. Now Congress also improving its tally means, TRS will be in problems.
    RG may be becoming experienced and trying to improve his performance in leading the party towards victory. So far Congress is not showings its strength and not winning many seats either in any assembly or in the Parliament.

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    There is a lot of pressure from the Congress members in the party that party leadership should be changed from the family person to an outside person and then only the party can revive and may achieve its past glory. That is the main reason that is forcing Mr Rahul Gandhi to become strong and also talk in some stern words giving a message to the members that those who are not happy can leave the party and find other place for a political career. The message is very clear that he is not going to step down from the position that he has inherited without struggling or fighting for it. Many politicians change their way of talking and way of delivering speech depending on the circumstances and situations as perceived by them in this political world. So Mr Rahul Gandhi is not an exception and is following a pre determined path.
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    The people have seen the performance of Rahul Gandhi and now they are of the opinion that he should step down from his his party leadership owing to his utter failures. Since there is no way from his side to please congress lovers, he is on the lookout to please the people somehow to get back his lost glory. There is no surprise that he will follow the stance of the successful leadership of Revantha Reddey - a strong person from Telangana Congress. How far he will succeed following the same footprint is difficult to predict at this juncture but giving a try at this moment is not that much bad to save his political career.

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    After this meeting the Congress is upbeat and yearning to defeat TRS and BJP in the coming state elections.
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