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    Do you look yourself small when the experts are amongst us ?

    Be it a function or gathering, there would be groups sitting at one place and exchanging their views and ideas. In that case the known, unknown and even new persons would join because they are also invited as the guests. When each one of them are introducing themselves with big credentials and reference and when it comes to our round, we feel like sulking or avoid saying about us. May be we felt at that time, that we are not equal to them but sitting in the gathering by default. Have you ever came across such happening and getting humiliated on the sidelines ?
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    Whenever we attend a gathering it is natural that we would like to interact with other people. If the people are already known to us then there is no problem because we have our earlier experience of talking and exchanging information with them. The problem comes when they are new to us. In such a situation we will have our own apprehensions about them and they will also have their own apprehensions about us. That creates a situation of confusion as who will be starting the talks and how they will be maintaining it throughout their presence in the gathering. Anyone who is having some amount of inferiority complex in him would be having feelings of humiliation even if the other party never meant it. Most of the times the complex is inside us only.
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    Whenever we are in a group and when we are asked to introduce ourselves we should not hesitate to introduce ourselves. If it is a family function we need not tell our qualification and job etc but we can introduce through our family. Our grandfather and father etc. can be told. But it is a friend circle and professional circle then we can go for our profession and our designation etc. We have to be humble and submissive irrespective of our position and status. I never faced any such situation. But my entire service is in the private sector and I used to meet many government officials in connection with my and used to attend functions with them. In such situations, I used to tell my name and company name. If somebody asks only I used to mention my designation and position in the organisation. Always thinking about our position and comparing with others may not be a good way I feel.
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    In case, we get an opportunity of meeting some group, we get the opportunity to introduce ourselves and we must not hesitate for such a large gathering rather we should enjoy such a company with our introduction. In case, we are on the outings meeting a group of a different company, we need to explain the position being held in our company, our experience and in short nature of the jobs being taken from our end. In our submission, we should be courteous enough in our introduction session.while working in the steel plant, we had the opportunities of meeting the executives and workers of the other units of SAIL creating the opportunities of smooth talks after the introduction. Hence whenever there were such occasions, I enjoyed the same when I got the privilege of knowing one another having vast experience in their fields and at the same time they,too, shared my experience with a great interest.

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