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    How you handle tensed emotional discussions?

    Some times even small matter initiated in a group would flare up to big emotional discussions and in that case we have to restrict ourselves and control our outburst. We have every chance to rename the discussion and divert attention. Or if you are intelligent enough you can reframe or reset the discussions without offending anybody. Or if the discussion going out of control then re-load , re-fire and re-aim the entire discussions to your fold so that others should not hijack the discussions to more personal level of hurting someone very badly emotion wise.
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    The behaviour of human beings is highly influenced by emotions and sentiments. It is not possible to talk or interact with others without having any emotions or feelings in one's mind.
    It is obvious that when people talk with emotions and feelings in their minds then anything against that would hurt them and create an unhealthy situation in which many times relationship may also get affected. From that point of view it is necessary that while talking and communicating with others one must keep in mind the basic emotions and sentiments of the person with whom we are talking. Such things become very important in close relationships.

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    What the author has said is exactly correct. that we should ensure that we should not hurt the emotions of the people unnecessarily. Sometimes the situation becomes tensed when his immediate manager offers him a transfer letter containing his transfer to some department for which the worker is not at all prepared. The role of the boss should be to pacify the workers with some encouraging words in such situations. If he convinces the outgoing worker that he is being transferred for his competence and doing jobs in such ways would certainly help him in the steady promotion for the next time. The employee might come out of the negative emotions.

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    When the discussion is becoming emotional and out of control, the moderator should come into the picture and see that situation will become defused. He should bring in some lighter moments by bringing in some humour in the discussion and see that the matter is diverted. Otherwise, the whole discussion will become futile and it will become more of an argument than a discussion. Sometimes we will not have any moderator in the discussions, in such a case some other member who has a better grip on the participants there should come in and do the needful.
    In many meetings, the senior-most person who participates in the discussion can support one of the two sides and see that he can calm down the other side. It all depends on the situation and the nature of the people who are participating in the discussion. Many times during some meetings in our office which were chaired by me, I used to follow the discussions very closely and the moment I was getting a doubt I used to interfere and see that situation will be back to normal.

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