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    The quality of life is decreasing day by day

    We are living in competitive world where competition is so high that one person don't like to another person. Love, affection, brotherhood all are bookish word. In real sense, Our motto is only self development. No doubt we are living for self only. Community work, community dance and community dinner are seen very less. Nowa days, people don't want to have connection with others. While life expectancy has increased due to advancement of technology in medical field. Our living environment has become completely polluted where no scope for brotherhood.Elder people are passing time on earth because nobody is there to share their sorrow and happiness. We all are running behind money and success. As a result, the quality of life has decreased. What is your thinking about it. Share your view
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    Certainly the quality of life has taken the beat and we are living with the situation of no concern, non recognition, no connection and above all no affection. The no concern among many is the result of selfish motives which only gives rise to self development and not caring for the fellow citizen. By not applauding the good work of others, there is a scarce for non recognition in the society and thus performers are also sulking. And those who are wealth and affordable are getting disconnected from friends and relatives with a fear that their wealth would be the target for future. And there is no affection between the relations and everything goes time tested and who ever visit us does not have the full faith and comes to us with half heart and we take it granted that they are more concerned with us. Thus the life ends with no actions.
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    The modernisation and the materialistic attitude of the people have taken a toll of our social life. Human relations have degradated as compared to earlier days. In essence the emotional and sentimental values in our lives have gone down as we have become more and more self centred and selfish in our approach. From that point of view the quality of life has gone down. At the same time from materialistic point of view and technological facilities many people feel themselves in more comfort and feel happy in many respects and those who value life from that angle feel that life is a thing to enjoy and there is nothing like saying that quality of life is degraded. So it all depends the way we see life and we can not generalise the things in a particular way.
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    The selfish and materialistic people on this globe are making a difference. I think the percentage of such people in this world is increasing day by day and that is causing a lot of concern among the people.
    All politicians are forgetting about their basic duties and they are trying to accumulate more wealth for themselves and in that pursuit, they are not worried about the harm they are causing to their fellow human beings. This is making some people suffer and hence their quality of life is getting deteriorated. If all people think about the neighbour and if the politicians start thinking that nation is the first we will see a different society and different nation.

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    We can see the difference between the culture prevailing in the past and that we are witnessing now. In the past, we had noticed the concern of the people for their friends. They stood always in the hours of crisis. This provided the people the emotional support but there has been rapid changes in the attitudes of the people as of now. There is no such emotional support and even if someone comes out for our support, we see them with suspicious eyes. In the upcoming time, I think there will be the fast deterioration of Indian Culture. This might affect the mindset of the kids. They would be no more sensible and would behave like a matured adult even though they would be still kids.

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    Certainly we don't know where we are going. Everywhere around us people with cunning, vengeance, envy etc. Moreover the cinemas and TV serials depicting the revenge, vulgar, cunning, vengeance characters which encourage the possessing people and induce others.

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    Thank you, you helped a lot.

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    Nowadays every person wants to live a standard life and always run to get more and more money. Due to thinking about yourself we all lost our moral nature and forget to help others.
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    The materialistic world of today has made even the children leave their parents to feed for themselves on their own even though they might be earning plenty of money and enjoy the luxury of a comfortable house, cars, and so on. They just forget that it is only because of their parents they can earn quite a lot of money. Under such a situation, why should they bother about brotherhood or community service?
    Of course, only a minority of young people fall under the above category. Thankfully, there are still some sympathetic and empathetic sons and daughters who take care of their parents till they are alive. And I salute those people who care for their community and do social service which proves that God still lives in the form of those people.

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    I don't completely agree with the author but with a few things only, yes it is true that people these days are individualistic and prefer their own space and don't want others to be in there which often makes older people feel isolated who grew up in an environment of large joint families, and coming of technology have made their condition more miserable as people rarely want to sit together and talk to face to face.
    But we should see that change is and has always been an inevitable thing and society will keep changing nothing will remain the same as it was in the past, so the onus of one's happiness lies with oneself only. There are many elderly people who are so enthusiastic at an old age to learn new technology, travel, to meet new people that they never feel boredom and sadness, and then there are another set of older people who keep complaining the whole day long about having no one to talk and no one to share feelings.
    I understand that old age often makes people like a kid needier for attention and care but they should also try to evolve with new society and new ideas. Society have always been materialistic it is just that now people have become more individualistic as well.

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