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    Are we over exposing children to new technologies?

    When we were child there is no gadgets to expose us to the new technologies and as the days progress, even the infant child is getting hold to new gadgets to which even the elders are not habituated and having control. By over exposing the modern technologies, we are denying the children the natural way of understanding things and their mindset is driven to over thinking and thereby their concentration on main tasks gets derailed and forgotten. Let the childhood be fully explored by them and we should not be hindrance.
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    Due to the technological advancements most of us are using the latest gadgets in our household. So children are also exposed to these gadgets. I have seen children of age 3 to 5 years using a mobile like an adult person. How can we stop them using the gadgets in such an early age? This is a big question today confronting many parents. Many children are getting disconnected with the nature and environment from which we learn a lot of things during our upbringing. In fact the environment in our household is such that the children are automatically getting exposed to latest technology in so many areas. What will be the long term effect of this early exposure of children to these things that only the coming time will tell but it is the duty of the parents to take care that the children get a good exposure of the nature and environment around them so that they learn some basic things also in addition to what they are learning from these latest gadgets.
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    I am not clear whether the author is talking about new technological developments in Genera; or only those developments that are taking place in some particular areas.
    The parents are allowing their kids to have more screen time which is causing vision problems to them. Many doctors are advising not to allow children to use mobiles, computers and TVs for longer durations. But many of us are not giving that much importance to those suggestions. This is a big point of concern.
    In the field of education due to the technological developments, we are making the children learn in different ways which will enable them to understand and grasp the subject fast. Using these methods in teaching may be for the betterment of the students. PowerPoint Presentations, Audio Visual education systems are very good for the students to know the subject well.

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