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    The great variety of street food in Hyderabad

    It is the most hospitable city of India. It is growing at a very fast pace, It is famous for a variety of bangles that women like to wear, but today, am told by many of my friends that Hyderabad, the best city to live in India, is also famous for street food. My friends also shared a few You Tube videos of such places. In one video, a very young man is seen pouring the iddli batter into a small kind of container made from some leaf. The video talks about how delicious the iddli is. It is also understood that there are many outfits selling a variety of dosa items and the North Indian chat items as well.

    Since my travel to this fabulous city is not that frequent, am not able to understand the locations. Members like our Mohan Sir or Rao Sir, who live in that city may please refer to the most famous places, so that I can feast the food in these places to some limited extent. I do have some diet restrictions, but since am under medication, I can afford to stay within limits.
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    Surely Hyderabad is the great city where in people with meager earnings to the great earnings can live happily and have the tasty food. If you are talking about street foods, the vendors who sell on the cycle and two wheeler prepare food early in the morning like Idli, dosa, mysore bonda, and Uthappa. All costs 20 rupees per plate and it tastes very good. Most of the students who are living in the hostels are eking out the life with these foods in the morning. And some roadside joints are very famous for 99 varieties of dosas, Medu vada, Minapu vada and also the Aloo Puri which is very famous during morning hours. These roadside joints are doing very good business and the customers come calling to their place where they stand daily. The Hyderabad Biryani is famous in big hotels but Vegetable Biryani is also served for just 40 rupees.
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    A very good thread from Sivakumar Sir.
    Nowadays this street food has become a hot topic for discussion. From my experience of travelling various states and cities of the country, I can say that all Class-I and Class-II cities of India provide mouth-watering street-foods in varieties. These street-foods are pocket-friendly also.
    I personally feel that considering both cost and varieties, my birthplace Kolkata tops the list of street-food providing cities of India. Next comes Mumbai. Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi , Guwahati, Pune, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Barddhaman, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Lucknow also provide good street-foods. My karmabhumi Delhi also provides street-food, which is slightly costlier and Delhi provides less varieties.

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    Now street food in Hyderabad is very famous. In the evenings if we go to Tarnaka - Secunderabad road you will find many food vans will invite you with very tasty tiffins. You will find very tasty idly and dosas. The sambar and chutneys are very tasty.
    Similarly, near ECIL cross roads also you will find plenty of such vans and the business is very good. I have tasted food in these two places and I liked it.t very much. You will find similar food in many busy centres and near parks. The quality is good and rates are reasonable. But I don't suggest Puri and other foods which are booked in boiled oil.

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    The number of people aspiring for outside food is increasing day by day especially in the towns and big cities. Everyone cannot afford the food of top restaurants or star hotels so the option of street food is becoming more and more lucrative for the middle and lower class. This trend can be seen easily in the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. A large number of people are taking the snacks and junk food in the lanes of the city or especially demarcated places in the market. If the street food is prepared hygienically and served properly then there is no problem and people can definitely enjoy it. Only problem is the drinking water which one should take with oneself while going for such indulgences.
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    We have tasted more from the street food vendors in Melur (outskirt of Madurai), Palani etc., where we get four types of chutneys for idli, oothappam and the idli also very soft and with good heat as one can swallow unlimited. Though we can say that the street food is common in almost all places since many years, recently we can see many street food vendors that too after the corona effect. Many unemployed or employment lost persons entered into this business. The taste and hygiene also good and their handling method also nice. I have seen and tasted foods from the street food vendors in Nagpur, Pune and New Delhi. It is one way correct to use them as we can support their lives indirectly.

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    And these street foods are not included in the list of evening snacks like Mirchi Bajji, aloo bajji, Punugulu, Masala vada, Minapa vada and Masala mirchi which are specialised on some outlets and there would be queue for such preparations for the place of just 30 rupees. The chutney given in this outlets are very tasty, and during evenings the households would certainly order online from these outlets which are the road side vendors but hooked to the online sites.
    K Mohan
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