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    It is vital that parents monitor social media activities of teenagers

    Every single day, we do hear so many stories of teenage girls being addicted to social media and becoming victims. There are too many lustful men out there, eager to exploit such young girls, who fall into their "friend" tap at the vital age of 15 or 16.

    Parents need to counsel children properly and guide them. The internet has penetrated the smallest of towns and villages. Both boys and girls who are teenagers are vulnerable and they are always exploited. It is vital that parents keep a close watch and nip any damage in the bud.

    There are too many love affairs that take place due to social media contacts. There are too many people who act very innocently in the beginning but show their true color at the appropriate time, It is vital that the parents exercise a lot of caution and enable the teenagers to concentrate only on their studies.
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    The author has raised one of the most challenges being faced by the parents who have teenagers and could not have the tab on them for various reasons. The teenagers are not listing the name of the persons with real name but with codes which cannot be detected by the parents even they have the chance to verify the cell phone chats. Most of the chatting were in girls name not to have the doubt and the male chatting were with their counterparts name. But behind the scene love making is going on and without verifying the antecedents of the opposite person the girls are falling prey and get cheated immediately. As far as possible minor girls need to be under the constant vigil of the parents because 13 to 18 years is the most critical age which has every chance to divert the attention from schooling to love making.
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    It is said that every thing good or bad has its shadow also and the shadow is always dark. Social media is also like that and though many people find it useful for connecting with friends and having a friendly chat with a larger group of people but it has its own traps where innocent and gullible people are trapped on a daily basis. This is a very serious matter and specially of concern when the children and young people are trapped by some evil elements who are lurking in the online social media sites for identifying and killing their preys. Parents have a great responsibility of monitoring their children and advising and suggesting them all the cautions and precautions to be taken in the social media where there are good chances of a person to get entangled in extreme difficulties and problems from where there is no returning back
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    It is true. We hear many stories. Not only men but some women are also exploiting young boys who are just entering their teenage. These innocent boys and girls are falling into the trap of these people and unnecessarily spoiling their lives. So the parents of these young people should be very vigilant and should see that they will never get into their trap. The parents should not allow them to carry mobile phones outside the home. If they want some way of communication they should be given just a normal phone which will be useful for just calling but not for other applications.
    In many cases where these young people in the name of love went into unethical paths and they are getting into bad habits. Finally, after spoiling these youth, the evil hands are leaving them on the roads and nobody is coming to their rescue. That is why parents should be more vigilant and any small indication of the unnatural or odd behaviour of their wards, the parents should take it seriously and pursue the matter with them and see that they will be out of the problem.

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    Technology has intervened in the lives of teenagers in such a way that they get entangled by it day by day. The internet is the main culprit which opens up social media for them which is easy to connect.
    Now, regarding the parents controlling or monitoring the accounts of the teenagers will not work out. It is well known fact that today's teens think that they are mature enough to handle their social media account without any problems. Further, they need privacy and would start disrespecting their parents if they interfere.
    Finally, the parents can neither avoid providing the young girls and boys with smart phones or questioning them about the activities they do on the social media.Only, proper counseling by them about the ill effects of using Facebook, Whatsapp, etc at such a young age is the only way to protect them. If the teens are mature enough to understand the negative aspects , the are saved. However, some teenagers connect with unknown people knowingly and come to the parents repenting for their actions when the damage is already done and there is no way of letting themselves free from the clutches of anti-social elements.

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    Although it is true that parents should have some sort of parental control over the social media activities of teenagers, I don't like the way the author has said it by just pointing out the girl child in "teenagers". People don't want to acknowledge it but tendencies to curb women's freedom in the name of their safety is what everyone tries to do instead of providing the right kind of education- be it about cyber security, sex education, gender sensitisation and equality.
    Are young teenage boys immune to the vices of social media? Aren't they also get trapped ?
    Doesn't these teenage boys often found in watching illicit activities?
    Though the author has said things with good intentions but should think about deep-rooted biases in his mind as well it is not just the girls who get trapped but teenager boys as well and often due to stigma associated with it don't come out in open and talk about it.

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