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    The true love of innocent village people

    The people of Madurai, the third largest city of Tamil Nadu, are truly special in their love and affection. This is one city where millions converge everyday, from the nearby villages for education, business, trading activities or whatever. This is the only city that operates late into the night, offering a variety of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, right up to 3AM, in the wee hours of the morning.

    A fabulous serial called "Sundari" is now being shown on Sun TV, in Tamil. It showcases the events in a village girl's life. She gets married to a city man, who studies in Chennai. He cheats her in marriage, as he is also married to a rich industrialist. Till date, this industrialist does not know who this girl is. However, the grit and determination of the village girl, hailing from a village near Madurai city, is shown in a superb manner. Also shown is a lovely thread that concentrates on the true love and affection of village people.

    This serial is reportedly shown in the other three South Indian languages as well. One does not know if the director is the same. The reach of this serial is so huge that every single word uttered by this village girl is now being closely monitored. ( In real life, the actor hails from a semi-urban place).

    We need many such serials to reinforce all the good about people, and about village people in particular.
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    Some serials are really portraying the true village backup and the story lines brings in emotional bonding with the character and soon the viewers are connected to the serial so closely. Not only Sun tv, even Zee Tamil is coming with varied serial , and one such going on was the Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu in which how the retired life becomes more taxing to live as the expectations from the other members of the family were more and sudden retirement hampers their plan. The way the life has been shown was very true and that is happening with everyone For that matter be it any South Indian channels, serials are targeted towards the women folk at the home and therefore the content value is more arresting and by each episode they create a interest to that extent and the viewers would be eagerly watching the same next day episode.
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    This is an interesting post highlighting the courage and determination of the village folks. There are some TV serials which are really depicting the real life scenario and situations in our towns and villages. Such serials are not only a good entertainment for it's viewers but also inspire and motivate them to remain in those positive territories. Cheating the innocent and gullible village folks is really in a very bad taste but there are some evil people around us who are always engaged in such malpractices. I think as a good citizen it is a duty of everyone to support and help the village folks in such times of turbidity and disturbance in their lives.
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    We had a discussion earlier on the same serial If I remember correctly. Anyhow, the villagers are more innocent than the people in the cities and towns. That is true. Bur at the same time we can't say all villagers are innocent. There are very clever and diplomatic people in villages also. I have seen many ladies who are very diplomatic in their houses and how best they manage the houses. Sometimes this diplomatic nature will create problems for others. People who are very straightforward will be at the receiving end because of these people.
    I am not a regular watcher of TV. But I heard about this serial that is being mentioned by the author. The name is very famous and Gemini TV is airing it I think. I have seen many hoardings in Hyderabad advertising this serial. May be the girl in this serial an innocent girl.

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    The author is right. Still loving people are living in villages and big towns except metro cities. We,nearly 7persons, planned to go to pillaiyar patti village where Ganesha temple famous. We planned to have head shave function for my brother's two year old daughter. By hearing our plan a neighbour of us asked to stay in their relatives house located at the next village to that pillaiyarpatti. We nodded to her but to our astonishment we found his relative person on the entrance of village on the main road. By hearing our car number from our neighbour he was waiting. He took us to their house and provided a very good tiffin for all of us and gave all amenities to sleep. Next morning he told that he already arranged every thing for the function at pillaiyar patti temple.
    We never expected such great help and we never forget their love and affection.

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