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    When we are too busy we don't have time for sadness or depression

    It is said that empty mind is devils workshop. An empty mind situation would bring all types of complications and disturbances in our lives. Sometimes it is even a source of unnecessary sadness in our lives and we might enter into a depressed state of mind. It is imperative that people should try to keep themselves engaged in constructive activities and should be busy in their lives. Psychologists and experts believe that it is the only way to keep oneself happy, contented, and out of grief. A person who is busy in his work and utilising the time effectively and efficiently has no time to think about unnecessary things in his life and that is what makes his life fruitful and result oriented. What are your thoughts on this? Please share your views.
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    Very well said by the author. When a person keeps occupied with some hobbies or work, his mind only concentrates on what he is doing and doesn't worry about anything else. This way he not only stays away from sadness or any negative thoughts but feels relaxed and happy.
    In my case, I always read or write something which is my stress busters when my mind hovers around some sad incidents of the past. This helps me to destroy the demon which tries to spoil my happiness and happily move on in life with a positive feeling
    in me from sad incidents of the past. Therefore, the key to happiness is to keep yourself involved in some work or the other so that the monkey mind doesn't try to trap you with its tricks to make you depressed.

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    Yes, I agree that a busy mind will definitely have less time for sadness and depression but it does not mean that it is a remedy for sadness and depression. It is just the ability of a person to cope with such a situation which enhances by keeping one's mind busy but that does not eliminate negativity and such feelings. At times there have been cases where many workaholic people who were very busy with work and life still failed to manage their depression and sadness and attain work-life balance. We should not negate depression as something small that can be handled by being busy but lend ear to the people suffering from it.
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    Preoccupation of mind with a certain job would not allow the mind to go elsewhere. Rather it will try to focus on such issues for which he has been allotted in the office or somewhere else. For the time being, sadness and depression take their backseats and the most vital points related to job comes in the mind to solve the immediate crisis. However such a situation works for the time being and once the job is finished, emotions revert back to the past events and again there is the grip of sadness. If a busy schedule is made for the entire day giving no time to mind to think over the sad issues, sadness to some extent can be tackled.

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    Good post from the author. It is the fact that when we are busy and engaged with the work, our mind would be concentrated on our task and completion of the same and therefore there is no question of deviation to the other matters. For example when the bus driver is on the long run route, his concentration would be on total driving and he would not waste time on other things which may cause the sadness and depression. Even if someone is working seriously and completing the job, even a sad news does not matter them and they would attend to the same late. Such is the mentality of those who can adjust to any kind of phase of life whether happiness, sad or even challenges. But they would certainly finish the jobs in hand and then give time for the ways to tackle the sadness and the depression which were cause of life slowness.
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    True. When we are busy, time will pass very fast and we don't have any other thoughts. Last three days I was in my native place to attend the first ceremony rituals of my uncle( Father's brother) who passed away last year. Many relatives and spending time with them, so no other thoughts. I have not even done well on this site also.
    Yesterday night I am back in Hyderabad. These three days pass away so fast and my mind is having no other thoughts.
    When there is no work we feel that time is not moving and we do unwanted work and exercises. So we should always keep busy ourselves doing something or other so that we will have no time for sadness and depression. Many people avoid work and sit. Such people will be thinking too much about small issues and that may cause pain and sorrow to the person. Keep doing something useful so that you will have a fresh mind.

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