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    Again 50 rupees increase on domestic cylinder!

    Increase of 50 rupees of increase on Domestic cylinder LPG. Now in Hyderabad 1050 rs is the price of domestic gas without commercial. What is the price of domestic gas in your place? What India has done well in External affairs well as ex Pakistan prime minister Imran said?
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    This is shocking to the common man as the gas cylinder price is going on increasing in great amount and only two weeks back I paid rupees 102 plus 18 as extra for the person to deliver at first floor of my house and now they would be charging 170 in all. That means the hotel rates would also increase rapidly as the commercial cylinder rates would also be more for sure. It is the matter of great concern that cooking gas is the basic for everyone and if it keep on revising upward, the challenge would be more for the house hold and there is no austerity way to reduce the usage of same and has to keep extra budget for the escalating price. One thing is sure this rising prices would certainly have the political overtures in the coming elections and BJP would be cornered by the voters when they keep coming to seek the votes.
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    Escalation of prices of the petroleum products does not go well with the consumers if the same is revised periodically. At present it is amounting to Rs 1020/- in our Bokaro Steel City. The government should understand the basic need of this of the consumers so that they don't feel hardship on this issue. This is definitely accompanied by the escalation of the prices of commercial cylinders and hence our visit to the hotels for outings would be a costly issue since the hotels would surely revise the prices of their earlier menus as a result of this hike. The other part is the rise of prices of Diesel and Petrol making the lives of the consumers difficult. This would certainly influence the mood of the voters and might switch to other parties to get relief from the financial situations.

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    Govt does not seem to be in a mood to control or subsidize the petroleum product prices in the market and consumer has to bear it. This is an unprecedented situation as earlier governments always tried to maintain the prices of these important items in the market by manipulating the same in some fiscal ways. The interesting thing in this respect is there are many consumers in the country who are financially in good positions to afford these prices but what about a large population of middle class and lower middle class who are hit by this price rise. Government is already subsidizing and controlling prices at so many places that it is almost impossible for it to contain the prices of all the essential commodities and this time unfortunately one of them is petroleum products.
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    Yesterday in our native place we got our gas cylinder. It is in Andhra Pradesh. The cost of the cylinder is Rs.1050/- and Rs. 50/- to the delivery boy for delivering the same near our house. Otherwise, we have to go to the van which will stand near the village Secretariat. So totally it has costed is Rs.1100/-. The cost of petrol and diesel is also high. Middle-class people are suffering but they have to pull on. The government of India should think about the middle class who are suffering a lot with low salaries and no freebies from the government. Poor people are getting some freebies and the rich are having no problem in managing. So there is no resistance from the public.
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    Again 3 rupees increase on Gas cylinders LPG without subsidy.
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