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    BJP is confident that Modi can win from anywhere- My suggest Hyderabad

    BJP exuded confidence that Modi is the national leader and he need not choose any safe constituency to win and he has proved that by winning from Varanasi earlier and now there has been thought process going to go one step further to prove that he can win from any constituency across the country and my suggest would be from Hyderabad, which is considered the citadel of AIMIM and if he wins that would be the end of Asadduddin Owaisi overtures in the politics. BJP should accept this and prove that Modi can even win in Muslims bastion.
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    I also agree that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi can win from any of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies inIndia.
    However, I feel that he must contest from Wayanad in Kerala (from where Rahul-ji won last time) or from South Kolkata in West Bengal (home turf of Mamata-did).
    if Modi-ji fights and defeats the opposition candidates from any of these two constituencies, the backbone of the entire opposition will be broken. Further, the voters of the constituency will get the benefit of directly PM-monitored development.

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    Before coming to the flat statement that Mr Modi will win the election from any seat in India let us first consider the distribution and mindset of voters in our country. Irrespective of religion bad people are everywhere. There is nothing like all Hindus are good or bad or all muslims are good or bad. In reality it is some of the political leaders and religious leaders which make a difference as they are able to influence the votes of people in their area. If such people exist in Hyderabad belonging to whichever community then no one can say that Mr Modi with definitely win in the election from that place. There are some places in India where local politics is much more powerful than national politics. We all very well know that there are places like Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal, Tamilnadu etc where no one can give a guarantee that a national leader of repute like Mr Modi would win.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We need to consider the mindset of the people of a particular place and these people are influenced with the local leaders. In that sense, it would be difficult to forecast his victory position from all the places despite his image as the most capable and influential leader.,Now talking about his safety with respect to success in the upcoming election, he would definitely try from the Hindi belt where he has huge popularity of the voters and hence he would not go elsewhere to try his luck. However the upcoming election is somewhat late and how the political scenario would remain during the upcoming election, the same cannot be forecast at this moment. However BJP has to struggle a lot to win the heart of people living in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana etc. Let us hope for the best when he would be able to influence these voters in his favour.

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    Hyderabad and Wynad are good suggestions by two of our members. They may prevail upon Modiji to contest from any one of these two seats.
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    Modiji may not be serious with Rahul seat at Waynad but certainly he must defeat Owaisi at Hyderabad.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel Modi is having his own stature and may be capable of winning from any seat in India. But the party will not take any risk and try to see that he will contest from a place where it is safe for him. He may be asked to contest additionally from a second-place also.
    In many states, regional and local parties are contesting and they have better chances of winning. But Modi Charishma may work for him and may win and I have no doubt about that. Even Muslims and Christians may also vote for him this time.

    always confident

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