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    A folding cot, nice breeze and a great sleep!!

    We regularly buy spinach from a vendor, who gets it farm fresh from his own land. Today, agricultural land is very costly, but he has owned it for generations.

    Very recently, the horrible heat was the subject of a small conversation between us. He opined that whatever be the heat, they were used to it. He saw one air-conditioner in our house and wanted to know average bill for the summer months. We told that it would come to Rs8000/-. He was surprised and he said his bill will be five hundred rupees. During the day, they are in the fields where they have too many trees. In the nights, each person pulls out a folding cot, and a blanket. The night temperature would drop after midnight and his electricity expense is zero!!

    Further, he also explained that they use the dry wood from their fields to cook and hence do not use the cooking gas so much. They are not so much worried about Modi increasing prices to absurd levels.

    What a nice way to live!!
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    Those who live in the village are the blessed because they sleep in open, below the tree with nice breeze, great sleep because they do hard work in the day and they need not refer to books or see tv to bring the artificial sleep to the fore. Most of the villagers finish eating by 7 pm after returning from the fields and then they would indulge in gossips with the fellow villagers and then go to sleep by 8 pm and they have the cattle and pets to guard them against the thief and burglars and thus they would even keep the door open and does not feel like losing anything. In the village the outsiders are known to them and they would immediately ask to which house they came as the guest. So there is no question of strangers moving in the village and therefore the sleep would be deep and formidable to that next day early wake up is sure.
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    In the Olden days in our city(at present) or town (at that time) Guntur, we usually sleep outside of the house with a folding cot and a nice breeze.
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    During our childhood, we were staying in a rented house and had no power connection to that house. We were sleeping in the open air. We were having foldable cots and we used to spread them at the night and sleep there. No mosquitos and we used to have a nice sleep. By the time we were going to bed, the heat was coming down and we used to have a nice breeze. After reading this thread I remembered those days. But now even in villages, nobody is having that many open places to sleep outside and all are having ACs.
    There are families in some villages who are having their own houses. They are managing their houses with a maximum of Rs.10,000/- a month. They say they can save up to Rs.2000/- from that Rs.10,000/- if they are a little cautious. Their electricity bill is about Rs.,300/- a month. Sometimes, I think I should go back to my village and spend a simple life so that I will have peace of mind.

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    In some areas especially in the dry climate areas people generally sleep outside or on the roof top to enjoy the night breeze and can sleep comfortably without a fan. When I was living in Gujarat it was very common to sleep on the roof top of the house in the night in summer season. There was some problem of mosquitoes for which we had to spray the anti mosquito spray around our sleeping area.
    If it rains or there is no wind then one has to come down in the house and sleep under a fan or air conditioner. Some people will find it inconvenient to sleep like that and if they can afford then they will prefer to sleep in an air conditioned environment.

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