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    How many of us praise ourselves for our little achievments?

    We, humans, have a tendency to see the achievement and accomplishment of other people as something very big which they often are. At times we feel overwhelmed, happy and enthusiastic about our loved ones and at other times we also feel jealous as well but still, we congratulate and felicitate people around us for every little or big achievement but how often do we do this for ourselves. How often do we praise our own selves for little things, We often get harsher to our own selves and search for perfection. Is it the right thing to do?
    I don't mean by praising ourselves to blowing our own trumpet or self-promotion but just the satisfaction that we are good too. What do you do in such a situation do you praise yourself or get harsher on your own selves despite your achievements.
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    I do agree the inducements or the encouragements from others would have far reaching effect on our future performance and when some small achievements are honored and praised, there would be total satisfaction from inside. Sometimes people feel that small mentions are not required as the achievements are routine and one need not respond to it. Even at ISC when many are raising the threads on different subjects, not all are bestowed with tow award and this should not demean the others and they should strive hard to come with great threads to win the award. Small or big achievement, the personal appreciation from self always matters because we know the reasons and the way that lead to the formidable performance to which the others may take light and even evade to respond but for us it is the great performance in deed.
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    It is really an exceptional thread wherein the author has mentioned how many times we praise ourselves for our splendid performance. The fact is that we get a lot of congratulation massages from our friends and such praises are enough to stimulate us mentally. We don't praise ourselves but would like to have encouragement from our own circles. That would be enough for all of us.

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    I feel a little pat on our back for something valuable we have done is very much needed. The reason is when are satisfied with our achievements and appreciate ourselves, we feel motivated to do something more which would make us positive and feel good.

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    Whenever we take up a task or a job and achieve success in it then we feel happy and that is the moment when we can take a pat on our back ourselves. So proclaiming our successes and pondering on our failures is something that we all do on a regular basis. I strongly feel that enjoying and being happy over even our small achievements is good for our mental health. It creates vibes of constructive and positive energy in our surroundings. Comparing with others and being jealous of it is not a good thing for us as it will create unnecessary burning in our hearts which is not a favourable thing for our development.
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    Self-appraisal is very important. When we know that we achieved something we feel happy. We will try to share our success with our near and dear ones. That itself is an appreciation for ourselves. We will not go tell others about our failures. So we all will prise ourselves for our success. But some people overdo it. That will become self-boasting which is not desirable. Once in a while telling our achievements and saying about our success is welcome. But always telling about the past glory and forgetting the present is in no way acceptable and not good for the individual also.
    If others recognise your achievements and if they appreciate and tell others about your success, definitely it will be a good and proud moment for the individual. But unless otherwise, you struggle for it, success will not come to you.

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