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    Shouldn't ISC provide this facility of withdrawing the amount when one feels like.

    I at times feel like ISC should provide the facility of withdrawing money whenever one finds the time at the beginning of the month at one's own will, and a minimum amount limit to be set below which one can't withdraw and some amount to be left on the dashboard as well so member doesn't leave ISC completely ones the payment is done.
    What is your opinion on this suggestion? Has any prior discussion on this topic happened before if there has been what your thought about it?
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    While I do agree with the author that members should have the liberty to withdraw their cash payments as they wish. What I feel that ISC is not a bank to have the tab of all our earnings and when every month cash payments are announced to the eligible members, that indicates that ISC wants to clear the account and keep the dealings clean. The author and other members have every reason and right to save the amount in their own bank account once credited and they can withdraw when they required. So when the rights and need is bestowed on the member by virtue of their savings account then what is the need for the members to keep money parked with the ISC which does not serve any purpose for ISC nor the members. Though the author's perception and suggestion holds good, it may not be accepted as such.
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    ISC has a system of making payment to its eligible members every month. This is done through online mode where the members submit an invoice and get the payment. Now if system is to be changed as per the proposition by the author of this post then ISC would go for some modifications in its software code which drives the portal and communicates online with them. That is not an easy task and is a costly proposition. The new modalities are to be worked out and have to be embedded in the system and if it increases the work load of ISC staff then it would not be feasible to do so. Modifying a portal requires software modifications which is always a challenging and complex task. ISC administration would like to know the benefits to ISC as well as members by switching to that scheme and if there are no tangible benefits it would not be willing to go for those changes.
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    Considering the accounting procedure and payment process that ISC is following, I don't think the suggestion by the author can be put into practice here. It would always be better to put up your invoice at the earliest once the cash payment is announced so that the payment is made within a reasonable period and the accounts are settled.

    However, there is an option to put your payment on hold if you want to withdraw your money only once it reaches a higher amount.

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    All the points mentioned by the author are already existing in the system. Every month at the beginning of the month the announcement is coming and the total amount you have in your account is known to you. Already a minimum level to decide on the payment has been fixed and you will be allowed to draw that money only once you reach that level.
    Why should they hold some amount to keep the member here? It is the individual decision to continue or not? There need not be any force to keep somebody here, I think.
    You can hold your payment but you can't decide how much you can draw. This figure will be decided by ISC based on rules and regulations that are existing and whenever a need comes there may be a change also. In an organisation, there should be a system so that there will not be any problems in a long run.

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    It is not possible to withdraw money from ISC as ISC is not a financial institution. At the beginning of the month when the payments are announced you are free to submit the invoices according to your suitability during the first couple of days for early settlement. If you submit it late then the payment will be delayed. There is also a threshold and until the threshold is reached your payment will not be announced. Whether members contribute or not depends solely upon the member and money cannot be the deciding factor as the earning depends on the quality of contribution and not the presence of the member on this platform.

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