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    Alert from our own side in relation to online game losses

    There is a Latin maxim 'Caveat emptor' which means let the buyer beware. Similar to that we are reading in many newspapers, whatsapp etc. that people are committing suicide as a result of heavy loss out of online games. In spite of this, there is no action from any side to prevent the online games etc., instead we can see advertisements in newspapers etc. grasping the eyes to online games like rummy bubjee etc., Unless otherwise we care ourselves it cannot be get prevented. Every one should prevent themselves from entering into such games even by playfully and more concentration to be made in our children as many of the children using mobiles and computers.
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    I do agree with the author that even on television the rummy game is being promoted and though the ads are advising that the game is subject to monetary loss, people wont budge and try their luck to have some short cut earnings. When the people are not getting the right salary for the work done, how can one earn through the online cards games which are nothing but game changing method to induce to the great bad habit and then keep on loosing the money. I never heard anybody earning a windfall from the rummy or card game. Though the amounts lost is also small, but imagine when lakhs of people play this game and only very few wins and that proves this is the fraud game to promote more cheating and not happiness or earnings. Why police are not arresting the people who advertise in the media and also those who play.
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    Online games are based on a gambling model and gambling is never a good thing. Many people have become addicted to it and also have lost a significant amount of money. This is definitely an alarming situation. I have received so many SMS and emails regarding these online games and they tell me that I have got a bonus of one thousand rupees from them and if I join and play I will get this thousand rupees from them as a starting bonus. It is very luring and many people fall in this trap and happy with that initial Rs 1000 but the story at the end of it is very sad and these people finally reach a miserable state. I strongly feel that it is our duty not to fall in this trap and advise our children and family members never to enter these games in their online sites.
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    They were many gambling games in earlier days also and people were sitting together and playing rummy etc and they used to have heavy money at stack. But higher stacks were in clubs where rich people used to spend playing rummy etc. I have seen even poor people also playing these games physically with small amounts.
    Now because of this wifi and internet facility. online activities are increasing and online games are also played by many people these days. Preventing people from such activities is very difficult unless otherwise, they should understand the repercussions. Self-control is very important and we should never be emotional or get habituated to such unwanted games. The government may bring in many acts and controls but if the person is not having control over him, changing him is very difficult. The mindset of the individual is to be changed.
    A man like Dharmaraj was not able to control his urge for gambling and in this process, he lost everything. So it is very difficult for a common man to have control over him.

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