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    When a good neighbor vacates the house we feel missing ?

    When the neighbors are helpful and good going, surely the bonding would be more than the close relations but when the same neighbor vacates the place it would a hard feeling for us. The children would come and play with us , there would be exchange of pleasantries between them and above all they stand to help at the time of dire needs. All these qualities make the neighbor most sought after and even the owner would feel that they lost a good tenant. What is your experience on this matter and how you feel.?
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    It is said that there is nothing like a good neighbour. A neighbour is a person to whom we can approach for help in case of emergency. If he is helpful and kindhearted then what more we require from a neighbour? People who are away from their family and relatives and are living in isolated places due to their job and livelihood, the importance of neighbour is very much. Many labourers and low class workers are surviving mainly on the mercy of their neighbours. We realise the importance of neighbours only when we go out and rent house near them for living in our new place. It is obvious that if our good neighbours are shifting to some other place then there is a void for us and we do not know whether the new neighbour would be good to us or not. We surely miss our neighbour with whom we had developed some affectionate ties.
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    Really we are fortunate to have friendly neighbours living in our localities and life becomes easy with the association of kind hearted neighbours. In that I am lucky since my adjacent labour takes every care in case of my need. In case I go to outside for sometime, he would collect all the essential letters dropped by the peon and keeps them in his possession till I arrive in the city. During my sickness, he would take every care including the purchase of medicines apart from other help till I am fully recovered. In case of loosing such labourers due to any reason, life would certainly be dull.

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    True. We will have a sad feeling when we are missing a good neighbour. But slowly we will forget and we will get new acquaintances. We were living in an apartment up to 2006. Two families in that small apartment were very close to us. But in 2006 they left for another place and we moved into my new house. After that, for 2 or 3 years we were in regular contact. We were meeting regularly and also in contact with each other. But later on, we have new friends and they also have new friends.
    When some special occasions are there we may invite those old friends also. So it is always better to get the mobile numbers and store them so that we will not lose their numbers. As a matter of fact, these days in cities many of us may not have good contacts with our neighbours and we even don't when there is a change also. This is more true if we stay in rented houses.

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