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    Is there any room for mathematics in family relationships?

    I don't appreciate raising this particular topic for discussion. However, I cannot deny the existence of the subject matter as it is a harsh reality in social life. Also, it is not that it got evolved only in modern times. It existed in the past also, though its prevalence and dimensions might have been different in the past.

    A couple about 40 years of age has two school-going kids and their parents to take care of. The parents have entered their old age in the 70 years plus category and require regular medical expenses and time. The kids are school-going and need school fees depending on their school.

    The couple has to balance the higher cost of medical expenses at private hospitals and fees of their kids in the prestigious public school because the quality is inferior in both the cases at government facilities.

    Is there any room for mathematics in family relationships? What are your observations in this regard?
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    Why mathematics be involved in looking after the parents and the children. Life is all about challenges, chance and misses. If challenges are not met and running away from it proves to be disastrous.And where there is a chance given to look after the elder parents and rearing the children simultaneously it should be considered a blessing. Parents should not be considered as the burden at the end of living instead they are blessings to the family as they surely help in nurturing. These days the parents are also earners by virtue of their property earnings or the pensions and in that case one may not feel the pinch of higher costs. Parents also feel the balancing act of the son maintaining them and his children and they do contribute to the family and after the death the money thus saved only enjoyed by the son.
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    What the author has uttered cannot be denied that Mathematics is always applicable in case of rearing the children and maintaining the living costs of the old parents apart from their medical expenses. However the factors are variable in this case since the structure of fees would depend upon the status of the schools. Some schools attached to the Board are not that much expensive in relation to fees but for others, it might be expensive. Again there are some organisations offering the parents some reliefs in regard to school fee of the kids. Now considering the cases of old parents who once bright up their children providing all sorts of facilities during their service time are still enjoying respectable pensions and so they would like to share the money with their sons/ daughters to run the families smoothly. Hence Mathematics is applicable here where some of all variables would amount to the total expenses. In case, the couples are getting reliefs of their parents for maintaining the families they are lucky comparing the remaining groups not enjoying such benefits.

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    Mathematics is a subject which is everywhere albeit in small amounts. Mathematics is devoid of sentiments and feelings but is a logical tool for calculations of all situations encountered in our lives. All the financial matters and financial calculations required in our lives are to be handled with mathematics only. The good thing with mathematical calculations is that there is no ambiguity or confusion in them as they provide discreet answers to the problems. It is interesting to note that mathematics sometimes can be used even to solve the problems in our lives which are non mathematical in nature. Idea is to opt for rational and logical solutions to the problems in our lives. There are people who consider pros and cons of a situation or a problem thoroughly and use their common sense and logical ability to find a solution or remedy for them.
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    Mathematics is used for better management of our life. Like while purchasing anything in large numbers you have to have counts. This may affect your budget.

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    Knowingly or unknowingly, we will be using mathematics in our lives at various stages and occasions. When we have to send our children to a school what are the fees details of various schools we consider will be taken into account and in talking a final call the fee is also an important part. Whether we can pay that money or whether we have to go for a loan and if we go for a loan, what will be the EMIS? What is the income and what are the expenses? whether we can pay these EMIs regularly without having any problems in other areas? All these issues are to be understood. Mathematics is used here and we need not feel about it.
    In the case of elderly parents and their medical expenses, when it is a life and death problem. we can't go by mathematics. But we should be proactive and go for health insurance. When going for it again we have to use mathematics and decide on the amount to be insured? What can go wrong? What will be the premium amount and how to pay that? Again mathematics only.

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