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    Is showing concern in social life, infringement of individual privacy?

    Individuals have a right to privacy. After becoming adults, they make decisions about their life. But, practically, relatives, neighbors, and other people in the social circle always ask questions about girlfriends, boyfriends, jobs, salary, marriage, kids, etc. People say that they ask such questions as they are their well-wishers and are always concerned about them.

    We can understand parents' concern in such matters, but what about distant aunts and cousins? Why do they tend to dig so deep into others' issues?

    In developed countries, individual privacy is much valued. But, in our Indian society, it is accepted as showing concern for the family members and others.

    Is showing concern in social life infringement of individual privacy?
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    This is very good post from the author as we have people around us who are more interested in our private life and wants to have such information to which we may sometime feel awkward to answer. One such situation is the asking by relatives the newly wed couples as to when they are going to bear a child. In one case there was delay of three to four years even after marriage the couple were not blessed with the child and the relatives started blame game on the girl as she was impotent and cannot bear the child. Actually both the couples were having the agreement to postpone the child to which they need not reveal to everyone. Nevertheless the relatives and close friends take the liberty to ask us such question to which we may not feel like answering and try to avoid them and they brand us as arrogant person and not caring.
    K Mohan
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    Many people are interested in knowing the details of other people. They will not have any concern about the other people but they want to know how well they are doing or how much they are suffering. Some people will get upset when they know that the other person is doing well. At the same, they are not interested to tell their matters to others.
    You may believe it or not, I never ask my sons what is their salary. If they come and tell me that they got a promotion or an increment I say congrats and I feel happy. They themselves will turn the amount also. I will never ask my brothers or sisters or their children about their personal details. If they tell I will say congrats. otherwise, I keep silent.
    It is not good to probe into the personal matters of others. Everybody wants to have their own privacy and we should not get into that area. This is what I feel and I advise all to be like that only.

    always confident

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