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    What could be the easy method to assess accurate population census?

    India population census is being done every 10 years and it was due in 2021. But due to pandemic and challenges faced by nation the census was postponed and now the government want to complete it. Earlier the enumerators would visit each house and take the data of living members. Now the government has the aadhaar details of every citizen and even the phones were linked to the bank accounts so there should be some easy ways to have the accurate population figures for the government to take right decisions on development and progress. Suggestion please.
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    According to the survey, 30 percent of homeless people and 27 percent of third gender residents in India do not have Aadhaar According to the survey, 40 percent of residents of Assam and 21 percent of Meghalaya do not have a card. In addition, a large proportion of newborns do not have a card.
    So it means that there is no way to do the census with the help of an Aadhaar card except by going to everyone's house. However, Aadhaar cards have been created for about 131 crore people in India. However, this will be possible only complete card is made.

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    Physical counting of people is the age old method utilised in the census exercise in our country. There are many inherent defects and mistakes in that system but it can be used for ascertaining the population to a first approximation. We are now in the digital stage of technical revolution and it makes sense to devise some digital online method for population counting of our country and replacing the old physical census system. Aadhar card is one of the most useful instrument to count the people across country. It can be further modified and strengthened to use it in census. Accurate online population counting system is the only answer for correct calculation of population. This will also help in catching the people who are misusing Aadhar card by getting duplicate cards or clone them through illegal and unethical hacking practices.
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    I agree that an Aadhaar card can be a tool to count on the actual population of the country. But there is no proper mechanism to make the aadhaar cards of the people who died. Similarly. there are some people without these cards. Because of these two aspects, this method may not give accurate figures. Even in this digital age, we can't develop a good programme to have accurate counting of people.
    Even today the best way is to go from home to home and list the people in the house. In this process, as we are talking to a person in the family we will know about births and deaths that are taking place also. So the accuracy of the census will be good and also reliable.
    There may be many ways digitally but somebody should have the inclination to follow the instruction and upload the details as required.

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