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    Rupee value further slides as it reaches 77.44 against the dollar!

    Indian rupee value further slips as it reaches 77.44 against the dollar as the economic experts say rupee value will further slide. The opposition parties fired all the cylinders on Modi for the present economic situation.
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    Dollar valuation against rupee had been static in the past hovering around Rs 75/ against the dollar term. The further erosion of value of rupee in terms of dollar is the indicative of recent inflation leading to hike of all the essential products. I think they would be able to reverse the present trend and there could be improvement of rupee in dollar terms in the time ahead. Our currency is facing severe stress due to ongoing of war between Russia and Ukraine due to which the prices of crude oil has been revised upward causing more payments in terms of dollars. I think once the present crisis is over, we could recover the present recessionary trend.

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    The price of crude oil has risen to $130, breaking a 14-year record due to the Ukraine war. Money has never lagged behind the US dollar in so much. According to some international experts, the rise in crude oil prices in the international market has had an impact on the market. It is also learned that now the exchange rate of the Russian currency Ruble and Chinese currency Yen is increasing. Which has also affected the value of money. However, it can be said that the impact of the war in Russia is on our economy this time. It has affected the entire world as well as the Indian market. However, its value against the dollar is declining day by day as the Indian economic growth rate is not exactly as expected. For this, it is the responsibility of our economists to give necessary advice to the government in time so that they can take necessary steps to improve the economic growth of the country.
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    There are many reasons for decrease in the value of rupee in international market. Inflation is one of the factors and war ongoing between Ukraine and Russia is another one. Recently some foreign financial institutions and investors have encashed their investment in India and taken the money out to invest it in their own country due to favourable interest regime there. For example in US the announcement of increase in interest rates by the central bank there was the starting point for many US investors to withdraw their money from India and invest in their country in safe heaven. All these reasons are combined to decrease the value of rupee in international market especially with respect to the Dollar or Pound or Euro.
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    There are more enemies for India than the friends and in the guise of research and surveys some foreign organization are doing blame game on India and that is affecting the investment opportunities in India. US dollar may be on the high now. Just wait for few more days when the US and other European countries would run out of fuel and they would have to deal with India. Now that we have very good relations with Russia and we are already getting discounted price on fuel, the European countries which are facing the oil crunch are aiming at India to have the big brother role in getting and supplying the crude from Russia through our country at the discounted price. Surely India going to play the major role in near future and at that time the dollar would have the beating for sure and the same author would praise our country.
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    Why does India have more enemies now? Why Russia is trying to sell crude oil through India? When our country is getting crude oil at discounted rates, is there going to be a reduction in petrol and diesel prices in India?

    I do accept that the value of the rupee against the dollar will again improve. This is a temporary phase only. I do not know whether the dollar will slump or not, the Indian rupee is going to gain the lost ground.

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    The present slip is mainly due to the war and the increase in the rate of crude oil. The present situation may not be permanent and there may be a reversal also. The problem is not alone in India but also in other countries. India is a friendly country to Russia and we are neutral in the war. Even then the effect will always be there on us also. If Russia uses us as their representatives in selling their crude oil, we will get some benefits and that should allow the government to bring down the rates of these products which will give a boost to the economy of the country. But so far that is not happening and what the government is going to decide is also not known.
    But as mentioned by other authors, I also feel that the Indian rupee will pick up. But the question is how fast it will happen?

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