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    Is it possible to eat low oil, low spices, and low calorie food continuously for a long time?

    Health experts and doctors always advise us to take low oil, low spices, and low calorie food for keeping our health in order. There is absolutely no doubt that eating simple and healthy food is good for our health but we also have our taste buds which require time to time some change and most of us cannot eat simple and low calorie food for a long time. It will be a monotonous thing in case someone tries that.
    Most of the people have no control on their taste buds and they consume a lot of junk food or high calorie food which is available across the counter in various eating places in the market. Street food has become so popular in the recent time because of the good amount of oil and spices used in it. What I understand is that a person can take simple food only for three to four days continuously after which he would require some indulgence in the tasty food also. What are your views on this? Please share your ideas.
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    I do not think everyone is following the strict advice of doctors saying to use low oil content, low spicy food, and low calorie intake. All these are good to maintain for a person who need to keep the health for having acquired the diseases which has the tendency to go next level of those things are added to eating. But in a house of four, the celebrations for some occasion or other and the festivities galore which are always present in every month, there cannot be compromise on oil food, spicy preparations and above all high calorie sweets are also prepared and we cannot keep away from those preparations stating that the doctor has advised. We cannot control our taste buds and therefore we do eat such foods occasionally and do drift away from the doctors advice. It all depends on our firm resolve to strictly follow the food habits.
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    It is very difficult to remain without consuming spicy and tasty food but stick to eating only healthy food advised by diet experts. For example,I can never stop consuming pickles with every meal of mine although I am aware it is not good for my health. But habits die hard. Similarly, those with a sugar tooth would never stop eating sweets even when they are diabetic.
    My view is one should not avoid a variety of food but eat them in moderation.

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    I have been eating healthy food for a long time because I am a diabetic patient with a pacemaker implant. Thus there may be conditions when people have to take healthy food only due to medical issues. However, healthy people can eat high-calorie food in moderation.

    Taste develops when food is unhealthy: high sugar-containing sweets or high fat-containing deep-fried samosa.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I try my best to avoid spicy items in my meals following strict dietary habits due to advice my doctor. However, there are occasions of visiting hotels with my family members where no such restriction is followed. Taking spicy and oily foods sometimes satisfy my taste buds despite the restrictions of the doctors.
    As far as my experience goes, taste will develop with the mixing of varieties of spices mixing the same in equitable proportions with the accompaniment of oils added liberally and such formulations are maintained by the experienced cooks making the food tasty suiting to our taste buds. However, healthy foods do have other benefits such as reduction of body weight. This might be due to less consumption of sugar, oil and spices.

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    I never go for spicy oily food. I eat food which is free from spices and sweets. I don't consume chillies either green or dry. I used to take once in a while junk food with friends outside. But for the last 4 years, I have never gone out with friends and are junk food. I eat in the house only. If I go for food outside, my many will be Idly or dosa or curd rice. No other food I consume outside. In our house, none of us prefers oily food. So I have no chance of getting oily food. I don't even add sugar to my coffee or tea, even though I am not a sugar patient. I feel we should be careful in eating so that we will have a healthy life. Some people eat as they like and later on suffer. That should not be followed. When we were young we might have consumed all types of foods. But as we grow old we should be careful and should have good eating habits only. We should give more importance to health rather than the taste of the food.
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    Even the nectar if consumed beyond the limit becomes poison is the proverb. Like this every thing is harmful if crossed the limit. In recent days it has been told to avoid four whites - Rice, Milk, Sugar and salt. But we cannot avoid oil foods, sugar, salt, rice, milk curd etc. in our daily routine. If we are not going any outing and keeping ourselves in the house, that too in our own house only we can follow strictly about oil salt etc., But once we move outwards we cannot strict in that matter. Consumption of sweets etc., can be avoided or limited. A friend of mine used to say about the coffee mixture that is ratio of chicory and coffee powder. He used to consume pure coffee only and try to advise others also to consume coffee without adding chicory. This may be good to the health of coffee consumers but we cannot expect pure coffee from shops or hotels as we are not getting instant coffee instead of filter coffee in many places. Psychologically if will turn ourselves into allergic when we made up our mind to strict follow up in such matters and happens to consume at times.
    For this minimizing the consumption of salt, oil sugar to some extent is good.

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