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    Does the pressure kills creativity within us?

    When we are asked to do something creative, then the task should be given beforehand and time should also be sufficient to think and bring out the best out of the available things within us. Any pressure tactic put on us cannot bring in the required results. The managerial persons are habituated to put pressure on us to complete the task, but at the same time we cannot fully concentrate on the job given owing to shortage of time and therefore we may lack in performance or even quit from the task. Your opinion please ?
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    Creativity refers to the skills that characterize creative individuals, such as fluency, flexibility, originality, and a variety of independent thinking. On the other hand, it showed that creativity and intelligence are different qualities. So having intelligence does not mean being creative. However, truly creative people are able to be creative in any environment. Stress is an important part of your career that helps you be creative. As the desire comes, the tendency to work will also increase, and with it, the pressure will also come. It is very important in today's world to be creative with one's own skills through them. Otherwise, you will fall behind in the competitive market. However, excess stress is never good and it is not right to work with it, because in this way you will not be able to complete any work properly.
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    Stress and pressure are enemies of creative working. A person under pressure of any kind will not be able to concentrate and focus in his work and the result will be disastrous. Good managers never use pressure tactics to get the work done in minimum time. On the contrary they would inspire and motivate the person for a particular task. If an employee is given proper encouragement then he gets highly motivated and does the job in the best possible way using the best of his creative faculties. Best of the creative works are created during the calm and composed conditions of mind. Undistracted and undisturbed minds are the prerequisite for the flow of creativity.
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    Creativity is lost under the compulsion of performing a job and the most disappointing part is the time allocation for completing the given job. Since the time is limited to carry out the job, the performers would not apply any way to make the same memorable though the some of staffs have that much artistic abilities.
    Everything rests with the boss and if the boss is tactful and farsighted, he would even go to the length of allotting some extra time to some of the employees for achieving excellence in their performance at the cost of assurance of his superior boss of the quality achievements. In fact, there are always ways to tap the talents of the employees if they are suitably encouraged.

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    Definitely. When we are under pressure and tension we can't think properly. Our minds will not work properly in such situations and we may not be able to do the work as per the expectations of others. So if we want to give the best possible, we should not get tensed or pressurised. But some people try to pressurise us thinking that we are relaxing. This happens in many places and the output will suffer due to these pressure tactics.
    We should inculcate the habit of maintaining calm while working. We should have our own assessment of the work and we have to give enough time ( not more or no less)and work as per a plan so that we will complete the work as planned and the best output will come. If somebody tries to bring tension we should take that into our mind. But we should not waste time.

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    Certainly. Pressure will ruin our routine including our creativity. A friend of mine use to tell as 'Avasaraththil anndaavil kooda kai nuzhaiyaathu' which means, we cannot dip our hand urgently or with some pressure even in a tub having big mouth. If we are doing a work in routine it will go smoothly but if somebody put pressure, the velocity of work will definitely gone down,

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    When you are pressurised your concentration is more on finishing the task rather than applying your creativity. For any routine task pressure tactics can work but for anything creative, pressure impacts the performance in a bad way. For better understanding let's think of a complete project. Here the designing of the project involves a lot of creativity but the execution is not that creative. It's just completing the task in a specific way according to the direction. Sometimes these jobs are tedious and maybe boring. Putting some pressure may help to execute the project in time but for the designing part putting pressure will not give the desired output.

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